Most Epic Video Game Sex Dolls Collection!

Bring your fantasy to life with one of our amazing video game sex dolls. We have the biggest game character sex dolls collection you will ever see. With authentic costumes, real feeling skin. And the ability to put them into any kind of erotic pose you desire! You are going to have more fun with one of these than you do with a controller in your hands!

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No bad Pixels With Our Video Game Sex Dolls!

Ever since the mid-90s when we saw Lara Croft with her big boobs. Or perhaps even earlier than that when you first saw Chun Li’s thighs. Female video game characters have oozed sex appeal. Well, our Lara Croft sex doll features a perfect set of breasts and a toned athletic body! With one of our sex dolls no matter if it is a large sex doll or even a petite sex doll. Bringing your fantasy to reality is what they are all about. You always dreamed of having wild and erotic sex with your favorite character when you saw her on the screen. Now you can actually do it!

We are proud to bring you the biggest game character sex dolls collection. With the hottest and most life-like characters from the biggest video game of all time!

  • Our Sex Dolls Look And Feel Real
  • Authentic Costumes Bring Your Fantasy To Life!
  • We Have A Great Selection Of Video Game Babes To Choose From!

Make Your Fantasies A Reality

When we put together our amazing collection of video game sex dolls. Helping people bring their erotic fantasies was our goal. This is actually true for all our sex dolls. No matter if it is our big tits sex dolls, teen sex dolls, and everything in between. You may love Dragon Ball Fighter and the anime. But now you can have your own sexy Android 18 sex doll to practice your most amazing “combat” moves with! What was once something that you could only imagine is now something you can actually do! In sticking with the anime turned to fighting game theme. We have more dolls that fit that description such as the very authentic looking Mikasa sex doll that is very popular!

Yes, we have the biggest game character sex dolls collection. But each one of our dolls is designed to make you feel like you are spending time with the actual character! No worries about her saying no or even hitting you with a Spinning Bird Kick or even blasting you away with an AK-47!

  • Our Video Game Character Sex Dolls Look So Real
  • You Can Live Out Your Wildest XXX Fantasies!
  • Hot Sex With A Famous Game Character Whenever You Want It!

A New Skin For Your Favorite Character!

One thing that we take a lot of pride in here at Tebux is our customization options. Granted, these are more likely to be used if you get one of our small sex dolls, medium dolls, BBW dolls, and so on. As keeping our video game sex dolls as authentic as possible is a huge goal of ours. However, new skins, costumes, and so on are part of the video game world. So we do offer various customization options for our dolls. You can change their boobs, hair color, nail color, and other aesthetic things if you desire.

We also offer a range of options to change the actual “build” of your video game character sex doll. For example, you can give her real standing feet, a double jointed skeleton. And you can even have it so that she has a heater inside her to make sure she is warm each time you hook up with her. All these are optional, but it can be fun to have a look and see if any of them can make your fantasy even more epic.

  • We Offer Over 50 Customization Options
  • Put Your Own Spin On Your Favorite Video Game Babe!
  • Our Customization Options Cover The Outside And Inside Of Your Sex Doll

The Most Real Feeling Video Game Sex Dolls!

As you can see, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that we not only have the best game character sex dolls collection. But also that they look as authentic as can be. For example, fans of The Witcher III will love how authentic the costume of our Ciri sex doll is. And Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure fans will love how close to the real thing our Jolyne sex doll is! The thing is, they not only look real, but they feel real too! We use a very special and high tech material that is medical grade so that it feels as close to real skin as possible. The first time you run your hand up and down her thighs will feel even better than the first time you saw her in the game!

It is one thing to make our characters look and feel as real as possible. What makes our video game sex dolls so great is that we use a very flexible skeleton. That allows for all kinds of hot poses! This means you can display them as part of your collection. But it also means that you can get into all kinds of hot and steamy positions. You can even try out some new ones and perfect those that you already love!

  • Video Game Sex Dolls Feel Real!
  • You Can Display Them In Many Different Poses
  • Try Out Any Sex Position You Can Think Of!

Why A Video Game Sex Doll Is Awesome!

The most obvious reason to have one of our gaming sex dolls is to, of course, have lots of hot sex with your favorite video game character. That’s awesome. However, we want to highlight a few other benefits of one of our video game sex dolls, apart from getting laid all the time. To start with, you will be able to learn a bunch of new moves and even get better at the ones you already love! This is going to give you a huge confidence boost in the bedroom! Think of it as leveling up in an RPG where you do some “grinding” to get better at a skill!

All our premium sex dolls, from our little petite ones to our large ones, will make you feel great too! No, we are not just talking about the immense sexual gratification you will get. But you could even start to have a bit more of a spring in your step and feel happier and fulfilled. Thanks to all the amazing fantasy fulfilling sex that you are getting!

  • You Will Become A More Skilled Lover!
  • Your Sexual Stamina Will Level Up!
  • You Can Bring Your Wildest Virtual Sexual Fantasies

Player One Please Select A Character!

We truly believe that we have the biggest collection of video game character sex dolls. They are high quality and authentic looking! We wanted to highlight just a few, Street Fighter fans are in for a real treat as we have a Chun Li sex doll and her super thick thighs. And our Cammy sex doll in her booty revealing “cheeky” green outfit that wants to go three rounds with you. We also have a great collection of Final Fantasy sex dolls. We have both a Tifa sex doll and Aerith sex doll from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. As well as a Yuna sex doll from Final Fantasy X who is going to perform a summon spell on you!

If you want to hide from zombies and get it on with a babe that can also pack a bit of heat so that she can protect you. Our Ada Wong sex doll or Jill Valentine sex doll from Resident Evil are here to make your most XXX dreams come true. And we promise you that neither one of these sexy babes is infected with the T-Virus so no need to cover up!

  • We Have Gaming Sex Dolls Based On Many Franchises
  • The Most Authentic Looking Video Game Character Sex Dolls
  • A Great Selection With More Coming Soon!

Saving Your Game, Ready To Play Again!

We have many different categories of sex dolls here at Tebux. We are looking at video game sex dolls here. We also have muscular dolls, skinny dolls, elf dolls, and more. One question we always get asked is “how do I clean my sex doll?” The good news for you is that, we have thought about this. And have made sure that all our sex dolls are as easy to maintain as possible. From keeping her hair looking great to ensuring her skin stays clean and sexy. We have even made it so that her special lady parts are very easy to take care of as well.

It is not something that we like to think of. But cleaning and maintenance is essential for a sex doll so you can enjoy her for many, many years. However, here at Tebux, we know that no one actually wants to do this and that is why we have made it as easy as possible for you.

  • The Discreet Shipping Box Doubles As A Storage Box
  • We Have Made It Easy To Clean Your Sex Doll
  • Less Time Spent Cleaning = More Time For Hot Sex!

Why Tebux Is The Best For Video Game Sex Dolls

To start with, we love video games and we love sex dolls. That is why we have the biggest game character sex doll collection. And are always looking to add more hot gaming sex dolls to it! However, just like with our bestsellers our Latina, and our huge breast sex dolls. We offer the most professional customer service around! Picking the right video game sex doll is tougher than deciding who to play as in Mario Kart! That is why we are going to be with you every step of the way, making sure that you get the perfect sex doll that is right for you. Our customer service is unparalleled and we are always here to help with any questions you may have.

We also use a very special factory that is the best around when it comes to making premium sex dolls. Ensuring your sex doll is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. When it is time for your sex doll to leave the factory and start her quest to your home. She does so in a strong shipping box that is discreet with no indication as to what is in the box!

  • We Pride Ourselves On Our Friendly & Professional Customer Service
  • We Can Help You Bring Your Fantasies To Reality!
  • No One Knows Premium Sex Dolls Better Than Us!

We hope that you “press start” to continue with your journey to find the best sex doll for you! Our video game sex dolls truly are amazing. And the most authentic XXX experience you will ever have with your dream video game babe!