Jill Valentine Sex Doll

Run away from Nemesis with this hot Jill Valentine sex doll

This Jill Valentine sex doll has her sexy, but tough look from the Resident Evil 3 Remake! Jill is the hottest character in the Resident Evil universe. And this doll captures her sexy, but toned body. Those shapely legs and huge breasts are amazing! Jill also feels fantastic too thanks to the special life like material for her skin! Thanks to her flexible skeleton, Jill can put her extensive XXX training to good use. Game Lady Dolls have done it again! They have the best high-end sex dolls, and their Jill Valentine doll captures what we loved about her! Fans of Jill Valentine will lose their mind when they see how real this looks!

Jill Valentine Sex Doll


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Escape Racoon City with this Jill Valentine Sex Doll

Game Lady Dolls created an incredible Jill Valentine sex doll that is amazing. While you and Jill are having fun, Nemesis won’t bust through the wall. Don’t worry about it while you’re running from zombies. If you’re a huge fan of Resident Evil and have a major crush on Jill Valentine, then this is the perfect item for you! She’s the top STARS officer and she’s sexy, tough, and super badass!

Remaking An Icon!

Game Lady Dolls made an amazing Jill Valentine sex doll. They didn’t base her on the blocky original look from earlier Resident Evil games. Game Lady chose to go for her sexy and tough look from the Resident Evil 3 Remake, which was definitely the right choice. She is sculpted to give her a determined and sexy look. This makes these sex dolls the highest quality on the market. You want authenticity with your fantasy and that is exactly what you are getting here!

Sexy, But Ready For Action!

As well as making sure her face looks as close as possible to the way she did in the remake of Resident Evil 3. Game Lady Dolls made sure that the Jill Valentine sex doll has an authentic attire. She wears tight black pants and a tight blue vest that show off her athletic figure. It looks like she’s from Racoon City and now she’s in your bedroom. She’s ready to protect you from Nemesis or have a wild and sexy time with you! Jill Valentine’s outfit looks authentic, making your fantasy feel more real.



Your Own Jill Sandwich!

Is there a more classic line than Barry’s infamous “you were almost a Jill sandwich”? You can create a Jill Valentine sex doll that looks amazing. Game Lady Dolls designed her skeleton and joints so she can pose in many sexy positions. No matter what you can imagine, you can do it with her flexible body! When you’re not having fun with Jill, you can pose her in epic poses. She could look ready to blow away a Licker or make a run from Nemesis.

Getting Dirty In Racoon City!

By the end of the Resident Evil 3 Remake, Jill is dirty, dusty and she has well and gone through hell! Having sex with her won’t make her as dirty as when she ran through Racoon City’s streets and sewers. Game Lady Dolls has made sure that maintaining and cleaning your Jill Valentine sex doll is very easy to do! No matter how wild and messy your fun gets, in no time at all, you can have her cleaned and ready to go for another round. While that is great, the skin that they use is the highest quality around and as close to the real thing as you can get! It makes each XXX rendezvous that you and Jill have between STARS missions feel so much more real!

Jill Valentine Sex Doll Features

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