Our New Sex Dolls Offer Big XXX Action!

Representing our new sex dolls from our medium dolls collection. Our medium dolls range has some of the best new sex dolls around. And is one of the most popular collections of premium sex dolls we have here at Tebux. Our dolls look and feel great and at this size. You will feel like you are with a real woman who will make your dreams come true!

Medium Sex Dolls
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Epic Collection Of Medium Sized, New Sex Dolls!

Our medium dolls collection is great because they are a realistic size. They don’t take up much space. A Medium sex doll such as Christy is a blonde bombshell big tits sex doll. Who looks like a million bucks as she has a real porn star kind of look. On the flip side of this, we have a lady like Ashlyn, which is one of the new sex dolls. Who is also part of our teen sex doll range, she has a more realistic looking body. We have a huge variety of premium best selling sex dolls in this category, so no matter what you are into, you will find it here.

One thing that all the dolls in this collection have in common. Is that they are all made by people who know what makes a great sex doll!

  • You Have A Huge Selection To Choose From!
  • From Small Boobs To Big Boobs, We Have It All!
  • Medium Sex Dolls Look And Feel Real!

Our New Sex Dolls Can Bring Your Fantasies To Life!

The main reason that people want a high end sex doll is to bring their sexual fantasies to life! That is why our medium dolls collection is stacked with amazing looking dolls! We actually have a bunch of fantasy sex dolls based on characters from anime and video games. For example, in our video game sex doll collection. We have our super sexy Chun Li Sex Doll from Street Fighter! It is not only about allowing you to have wild sex with a character that you have always fantasized about! Our most popular and new sex dolls can bring any sexual fantasy that you have to life. No matter if it is a new position that you have always wanted to try. Or something extra kinky you have wanted to experience.

One thing that is great about a premium sex doll is that there is never a worry of being turned down. Or having your fantasy shot down because she is not into it! A sex doll is always going to be ready and willing to do no matter what you want to do!

  • Sex Dolls Can Make All Your Sexual Fantasies Come True
  • You Can Try Out All Kinds Of Fun New Positions!
  • You Can Have Sex With A Character You Have Always Wanted To!

Our New Sex Dolls Offer Epic Custimization Options!

You can look at one of our medium dolls like the gorgeous Carmen with her military hot hard body and be happy. Our medium sex dolls offer you a ton of customization options. We offer customization options for all our sex dolls – new, medium, large, or petite sex dolls. You can change their hair color, nipple color, breast size, and much more. This means you can take an already hot sex doll and make her even hotter just for you. A true one of a kind sex doll that is yours! These customization options are a lot of fun so if you find a sex doll that you think is hot. But she is missing something to make her your dream fantasy woman. One of our customization options is sure to help.

We know that a premium sex doll has to fill you with lust as soon as you look at it. Here at Tebux, we take our premium medium sex dolls very serious. We offer many customization options to enhance their premium features. These options include articulated fingers and feet for added functionality.

  • We Offer Over 50 Customization Options!
  • You Can Changer Her So She Is Perfect For You!
  • You Can Change Everything From Hair Color To Boob Size And More!

Nothing “Mid” About Our Premium Medium Dolls

We have already talked about how bringing fantasy to reality is what a Tebux sex doll is all about! While all of our sex dolls no matter if it is our large sex dolls or our medium sex dolls that we are looking at today look amazing. They are not just getting by on their looks. We use a very special high quality material to make all our sex dolls feel as close to the real thing as possible. When you see a sex doll like Alexia who is a hot Asian sex doll. Her skin looks real, but as well as looking real, this special material makes her feel too! The first time you are with one of our sex dolls, you will love how real and amazing she feels.

One of the special designed skeletons is underneath that real feel skin. This allows you to put her into all kinds of sex positions! You can try something new, really perfect a favorite move of yours. And have a ton of fun getting into all kinds of erotic poses! The best thing is, no matter what you want to try, she is going to be willing and able to do it.

  • Trying Out New Positions Will Give You More Confidence
  • All Our Medium Dolls Have Real Feeling Skin
  • We Have Medium Sex Dolls Of Different Ethnicities

Why A Medium Sex Doll Is Perfect For You!

A Tebux sex doll is going to be one of the best purchases that you have ever made! Our medium dolls look and feel real. And we ensure that each one that leaves our factory is made to the highest standard possible. What makes our medium sex dolls ideal for you is that while we love our petite sex dolls. We know that some people want one of our new sex dolls that is a bit taller and bigger in stature. You get that with our medium dolls, but they still do not take up a ton of space. If a small sex doll is nearly perfect for you, but you want something just a bit bigger. You are the person that a medium sized sex doll is perfect for.

Having fun and bringing your sexual fantasies to life is awesome and all. But did you know there are other benefits to having a premium sex doll? Using a lifelike sex doll boosts confidence in the bedroom. You can learn all kinds of new XXX moves and become a much better lover as a result.

  • You Can Learn Many New Erotic Moves
  • Your Sexual Confidence Will Get A Huge Boost
  • A Medium Sex Doll Is A Great Size If You Want A Bit More Realism

The Best Medium Sex Dolls!

Our medium sex dolls collection is huge. We have over four pages of premium sex dolls in this category and we are looking to add more new sex dolls! To help you start your search for your dream sex doll, we want to highlight a few popular medium-sized dolls. If you want a fantasy sex doll who is in this size range. Our Chun Li sex doll from Street Fighter and her sexy big thighs are perfect for you! If you are more of a big boobs sex doll kind of person. Kenley and her massive rack and seductive look is well worth checking out. We even have sex dolls with more natural looking bodies such as Ashlyn. Who is a real life sex doll with a great natural looking body and perky breasts!

We adore our premium medium sex dolls collection. We take great pride in the immense variety of these dolls. We encourage you to have fun looking through our medium dolls so you can find the perfect one for you.

  • We Have Tons Of Epic And Hot Medium Sex Dolls To Pick From
  • Select From Big Boob Fantasy Women To More Natural Women!
  • We Will Add More New Sex Dolls To This Collection!

Keeping That Premium Look And Feel!

No one knows premium sex dolls better than us here at Tebux! We understand the importance of easy care for our high-quality sex dolls. That’s why we ensure each doll is low-maintenance and realistic. No one wants to think about the clean up when they are looking at new sex dolls. But it is a vital part of owning one of our premium medium dolls. The good news is that from the skin to the hair to her special love zones. Cleaning one of our sex dolls could not be any less time consuming or easier. With a little maintenance. You can ensure that your fantasy love doll is going to give you many years of pleasure!

We also make sure that storing your sex doll is one less thing for you to worry about! The box that your premium sex doll will ship in can be used as a storage box. Keeping her safe and sound until your next wild and erotic rendezvous!

  • Cleaning Her Special Lady Parts Is Very Easy
  • Looking After Your Sex Doll Takes Very Little Effort
  • The Shipping Box Can Be Used For Storage

Tebux Is Number One For New Sex Dolls

We are the top choice for premium sex dolls. Whether it’s our brand new sex dolls, medium dolls, petite dolls, or fantasy dolls, we have it all. We understand the key qualities of a great sex doll. We collaborate closely with our factory to guarantee the highest standards. This ensures each customer’s happiness and satisfaction with our dolls. We offer unparalleled customer support. And we are always here to help make sure you are confident and happy with your love doll.

You don’t need to worry about nosy neighbors knowing about your high quality sex doll. Our packaging is designed to not just make sure your sex doll reaches you in pristine condition. But also that no one has any idea that inside the box is a super hot sex doll that is going to make all your XXX dreams come true!

  • Friendly And Informative Customer Service
  • We Will Help Make Sure You Get The Best Sex Doll For You!
  • Our Packaging is Secure And Discreet

From Daisy and her huge tits to Abby and her tanned athletic body. Our medium dolls collection does have something for everyone! Live out all of your sexual fantasies with the premium sex doll of your dreams. One of our new sex dolls will be the most amazing purchase that you ever make.