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This Yennefer sex doll looks like she has come straight out of The Witcher 3 game to join you on a XXX quest!


One of the most popular characters from The Witcher 3, Yennefer has been brought to life by the talented perfectionists at Game Lady Dolls. She looks very bit as magical and fierce as she does in the hit video game! No matter if you are helping her find Ciri or if you just want to have a whole lot of erotic adventures with her. One thing that is for sure is that you will be bound to this amazing recreation of Yennefer just like Geralt is in the game!


Mean And Sexy

Did you know that originally, Yennefer was supposed to be designed to look like a real life model? Thankfully, her design was changed to the incredibly sexy Yennefer that we now know and love. She was made to look a bit “meaner” and fiercer and while they achieved this as you can see from this Yennefer sex doll, she also looks hotter than fire… fire that she has probably conjured up in her quest to find and keep Ciri safe! Game Lady Dolls are all about authenticity and that is what you have here. Based on her iconic look from The Witcher 3 there is no better looking Yennefer product than this one and there is certainly no other one that you can get down with and have as much fun with!


Making You Want Her Even More!

Yennefer is one of the more interesting looking sexy video game icons. The reason for this is that while she is incredibly beautiful, Yennefer does not show as much skin as other video game female protagonists. Game Lady Dolls have made sure that their Yennefer sex doll looks just like she does in The Witcher 3. She is rocking her sexy, but badass black outfit that makes her look like such a powerful sorceress. They could have done their own thing here and put her in very revealing clothes, but they decided to make her as authentic as possible. It also means that as you remove those iconic clothes, you will appreciate the amazing body that she has even more!



Yennefer In Action!

If you have played the game, The Witcher 3 or even seen the hit Netflix series, you know that Yennefer is always ready to fight when the time is right. This Yennefer sex doll can be put into all kinds of exciting and dynamic positions making her the ultimate collectible item for you to have proudly on display. Of course, when you take her clothes off for some XXX action after a hard day of questing (Geralt is thankfully out at the bar so won’t be involved!) those amazingly sophisticated joints that are part of her skeleton mean you can get very creative with the erotic positions that you put her in! There is no way this Yennefer will want to track down a djinn to stop you from being bound to her!


Keeping Her Classy!

This Yennefer sex doll has one of the most striking and eye-catching complexions of any of the high end Game Lady Dolls and this is because they wanted her to look as close to how she does in The Witcher 3 as possible and they well and truly succeeded with that. However, you may be wondering if Yennefer is going to perform some kind of spell to clean herself up after you two are done with your wild XXX adventure. While she may lack the magic powers she has in the game. Game Lady Dolls have done something that is quite “magical” and that is to ensure that her life like skin that feels as close to the real thing as possible is so easy to clean and maintain. No matter how wild you get, you can have her cleaned and ready to go again in no time at all.


If you love The Witcher 3 and have always dreamed of having your own Yennefer to do what you want with, this Yennefer sex doll is going to change your life! She is absolutely incredible, yes, she looks sexy, but the level of authenticity here to ensure that the wildest fantasy you have always dreamed of can feel as real as possible is something that only the incredibly talented people at Game Lady Dolls can do!



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