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Out Of This World Alien Sex Dolls! Go where no one has gone before as you get intimate with one of our sexy alien sex dolls! With their incredible real feeling skin and flexible skeleton. Your wildest sexual fantasies can now come true! Those XXX dreams you have always had are now here within reach! The hottest alien sex dolls await you here at Tebux.

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Our Intergalactic Alien Sex Dolls!

We are very proud to share with you our out of this world alien sex dolls collection. We have a collection of fantasy sex dolls, but these alien dolls are taking things to a whole other level. If you are a sci-fi fan and have always dreamed of traveling to outer space and hooking up with a celestial hottie. Just like Captain Kirk used to always do, someone like our sexy Celestria from our teen sex dolls. Is just who you need in your life. With her cute, but interesting design, she is like no other woman that you have ever seen before!

If you want to mix a bit of horror with your sci-fi, our intergalactic succubus Nancy is the lady for you! Plus, as she is a sex doll, you do not have to worry about her ever saying no…. or asking for your soul in exchange for sex like a real succubus would! Our collection is filled with alien dolls of all shapes and sizes!

  • Our Alien Love Dolls Want To Be “Probed” By You!
  • We Have An Amazing Collection Of Alien Ladies For You To Consider
  • No Matter What You Want To Do, She Will Never Say No!

Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Fantasy Can Come True!

All our sex dolls no matter if it is our petite sex dolls or even our BBW sex dolls. Are all about bringing fantasy to reality and that is especially true for our alien sex dolls. You see, you can actually have sex with a woman with big boobs, but an alien? Well perhaps someday, but that is still something that is left for people to imagine… until now. You can live out your wildest sexual fantasies of having sex with a beautiful woman from another planet. Galaxy, or even dimension! Astraia for example, looks like a human/alien hybrid and you could come up with all kinds of fun, kinky scenarios for you and her.

Just like all our other love dolls, none of these alien babes are going to judge you for what you want to do. You want to have sex before you blow up the Death Star? Hey, she won’t judge you for that! Not only that, no matter what it is you want to do. No matter how many times per day, she is never going to say no or give you an excuse on why she is not in the mood!

  • Live Out Your Sci-Fi Erotic Fantasies With Our Alien Babes!
  • She Is Never Going To Say No!
  • You Can Come Up With All Kinds Of Fun XXX Scenarios!

You Can Customize Our Alien Sex Dolls! 

If you check out one of our other categories, our blonde sex dolls for example. You may notice that you can customize them. Well, our alien sex dolls also offer you the ability to customize them! Heck, you could argue this is even more fun as you can lean into the sci-fi theme. And pretend that you are doing some kind of gene splicing to give them the perfect set of breasts or changing their hair or even their nails! We offer a whole host of customization options so that you can make her unique and special just for you.

For those that really want to get hands on with their alien doll customization. We have a series of premium customization options for you to consider. These are upgrades that you can make if you desire. These range from making it so her body is heated to giving her a flexible tongue that you can have fun with! None of these are essential, but they can be fun if you want to make her even more unique and one of a kind.

  • Check Out Our Over 50 Customization Options!
  • We Also Offer Premium Customization Options
  • With A Little Gene Splicing, You Can Make Your Dream Alien Woman!

She Looks & Feels So Real!

Unlike our big tits sex dolls collection. Our alien sex dolls are way wilder with their designs as they come from another world! Still, one thing that all these alien babes have in common with our other sex dolls is that their skin looks and feels real! For example, even though Quasarra has green skin, her skin still feels as close to a real woman’s skin as possible! This is achieved thanks to a special material that is designed to be as close to a real woman’s skin as possible! Even though these are all alien dolls. They all have real feeling intimate areas so you can well and truly explore the great beyond if you know what we are saying!

Not only do these girls look amazing, but these ladies know all the right moves too! All our sex dolls are designed around a very high tech skeleton that is super flexible! With this, you are able to put her into any erotic pose that you desire!

  • All Our Alien Dolls Look And Feel Amazing
  • You Will Be Blown Away When You Have Your First XXX Session With Her
  • Her Flexible Skeleton Allows For Many Different Erotic Positions

Our Alien Sex Dolls Can Make Your Life Better! 

That is not an overstatement! Our alien sex dolls have so many great benefits. Of course, bringing your sci-fi sexual fantasies to life is number one! However, if you look at any of these alien ladies such as the stunning, Xenara for example. You are going to be able to learn all kinds of fun new positions. You can finally try those positions you have always wanted to and even perfect those you already enjoy. This is going to make you a far more skilled lover! All of that great sex is also going to give your sexual stamina a real boost too, helping you last and go longer!

Another thing our alien dolls have in common with our other collections. Such as our ebony sex dolls and Latina sex dolls, is that they can also give your mental health a boost too! Being able to live out all these fantasies and having regular great sex will improve your mood. And make you feel amazing as you go about your daily life.

  • You Can Learn All Kinds Of Fun New Positions
  • Your Sexual Stamina Will Become So Much Better!
  • You May Even Notice Your Mental Health Gets A Boost Too

The Ultimate Alien Sex Dolls Collection!

As you can see, we have traveled the galaxy (and even done a little dimension hopping). To make sure that our alien sex doll collection is as good as it can be. No matter what you are into, we have an alien lady that you are sure to love. For example, if you are a Star Wars fan, check out Nebulae. Who with her striking red skin and athletic body and her huge boobs has a real Darth Talon thing going on with her design! If you want to unleash your inner Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and hook up with a hot blue babe. We have a whole host of them, such as the very cute Vesperia who has a bit of an alien medic design.

Astridora is an alien lady that has a really cool design. She looks like she could even be one of our video game sex dolls as she has a bit of an anime/video game vibe about her design. No matter which one of our alien dolls is right for you. You are going to have so much fun going on a whole bunch of wild XXX space adventures with her!

  • We Have Lots Of Alien Dolls For You To Check Out
  • These Alien Babes Come In All Shapes And Sizes
  • Live Out Your Wildest & Most Erotic Sci-Fi Fantasy With One Of Our Babes!

These Alien Ladies Are So Easy To Look After

Forget the movie “Earth Girls Are Easy” because our alien sex dolls are easy! Not just easy because they will never tell you no! Our alien babes have been designed so that they are easy to look after. Even though Lyrastra may look intimidating, she has a bit of Sith inside her. Keeping her skin clean and looking great is as easy as a quick wipe down. Now, that is great and all, but you are probably wondering about her more intimate areas! Well, worry no more as all our sex dolls ranging from these alien beauties. To our pointy eared elf sex dolls have lady parts that are very easy to keep clean and fresh.

While her spacecraft may have gotten destroyed on her last mission. You do not have to worry about storing her! All our sex dolls come in a box that is perfect for storage! With this, you can keep her safely hidden away until you are ready for your next sexy space adventure!

  • Keeping Her Skin Clean And Looking Great Is Easy
  • Even Her Most Intimate Areas Are Easy To Keep Clean And Fresh
  • You Can Use Her Shipping Box For Secure And Discreet Storage

Tebux Is Number 1 Alien Sex Dolls  

We love our brunette sex dolls, our Asian sex dolls, and all our other ladies. But we must admit, there is something extra fun about alien sex dolls! We have the best customer service in the galaxy! We will treat you in a friendly and professional manner and ensure that you are happy with your lady. We can assist you every step of the way to make sure you get the right alien doll for you! Our factory is second to none when it comes to sex doll manufacturing. They will make sure that she is built with the utmost respect and care.

When it comes to shipping your alien babe to you, this will be done for free! Not only do we offer free shipping. We ship all our sex dolls from our small sex dolls all the way up to our tall sex dolls. In a shipping box that is fully discreet so no one will know what is inside!

  • We Offer Friendly And Professional Customer Service
  • We Can Help You Find Your Dream Sex Doll
  • We Offer Free And Discreet Shipping Right To Your Door!

Thank you so much for taking this intergalactic trip with us today as we looked at our amazing alien sex dolls. From the sexy purple skin of Orionna to the space bounty hunter warrior look of Agatha. We have your dream alien woman waiting for you here at Tebux! Your wildest sci-fi fantasy can now come true and we are here to help make it happen for you!