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Sex Doll Review – Difference in Full Size Love Dolls, Realdolls and Sex Dolls


A sex doll, love doll, real doll, what exactly is the difference? You can read it in this sex doll review.

A sex doll is a broad concept. It is a doll that is used for having sex. In addition to the classic inflatable doll, this also includes the real doll or love doll. Real-life masturbators, such as torsos and limbs, also fall under the term sex doll.


Table of contents:


-Sex doll review – different types

-Lifelike Sex Doll / Love Doll

-Realdoll sex doll review


Deborah - Sex Doll Review

Deborah – Sex Doll Review

Sex doll review – Different types


Inflatable Sex Doll (sex doll review)

The most famous sex doll is the inflatable doll. An inflatable doll is a sex doll that must be inflated before use. In fact, an inflatable doll is nothing more than a plastic figure that is filled with air. An inflatable doll is often very affordable. The disadvantage is that an inflatable doll is not very realistic and breaks quickly. That is why an inflatable doll is less suitable for frequent and long-term use.


Lifelike Sex Doll (sex doll review)

On our website we sell full size love dolls (also called sex dolls). A lifelike sex doll has an extremely realistic appearance. If you are looking for a lifelike sex doll, you will soon discover that these come in all shapes and sizes. It just depends on your preference.


Realistic Torso (sex doll review)

In addition to ‘normal’ full size love dolls, there are also realistic torsos. A torso is actually a compact version of a ‘normal’ lifelike sex doll. It is a sex doll in the shape of a torso without arms and legs. A torso is lighter than a ‘normal’ lifelike sex doll. This is mainly due to the material that a lifelike sex doll is made of. In addition, a torso is a lot cheaper. A torso is suitable when you have little space or do not want to lift too heavy. At the same time, a torso is less realistic than a ‘normal’ sex doll.


Jazmine - Sex Doll Review

Jazmine – Sex Doll Review


Love doll (sex doll review)

A love doll is often mentioned in the same breath as a lifelike sex doll. But a love doll is more than a sex doll. A love doll can fulfill one’s emotional needs and therefore even the role of a life partner. Many people see their love doll as their best friend, someone to talk to. You can say anything to her. You can tell about your problems, experiences, highs and lows. A love doll will never judge and accept you completely as you are.


Although a love doll is often used for sexual purposes, not everyone has a physical relationship with his/her love doll. A love doll can also be a roommate to whom you are strongly emotionally attached. Order food together, play board games, watch television together or give each other gifts. A love doll can be your best friend who helps you to stand up psychologically, to escape from all the misery in the world.



This is what makes a lifelike sex doll so unique



A lifelike sex doll is more than a sex doll. Extremely realistic, life-size and velvety soft. That’s what best describes a lifelike sex doll in one sentence. Welcome to the world of full size love dolls!


A lifelike sex doll is a sex doll with an extremely realistic design. This sex doll is also sometimes called love doll. A lifelike sex doll differs from a classic inflatable doll in a number of ways. We would like to explain on this page what makes a lifelike sex doll so unique.


Kiera - Full Size Love Dolls

Kiera – Full Size Love Dolls


What parts does a lifelike sex doll consist of?

A lifelike sex doll consists of a number of parts. A head, a torso and of course two arms and legs. So far, that’s not much different from a classic blow-up doll. But the biggest difference between a lifelike sex doll and an inflatable doll is the degree of realism. This has mainly to do with the use of materials and how the sex doll is finished. A lifelike sex doll has shiny (medium) long hair, a pair of expressive eyes with eyelashes and has a skin-like finish. The finish makes a lifelike sex doll significantly more realistic. Also, a lifelike sex doll is massive, just like a flesh-and-blood human being.


Cuddly, velvety and human

All full size love dolls have a ‘skin’ of thermoplastic elastomer, also known as TPE. This material combines a sleek and realistic design with a comfortable and skin-like feel. A lifelike sex doll is very similar to a real woman (or man). The sex doll has a perfectly symmetrical face with extremely realistic details, such as eyelashes, eyebrows and (semi-)permanent make-up. The skin of a sex doll feels velvety soft and human. The material is flexible and easily absorbs (body) heat. We also offer a internal heating option in our full size love dolls.


Kyra - Sex Doll Review

Kyra – Sex Doll Review


Realistic Vagina, Mouth and Anus

You will notice that sex with a lifelike sex doll is very different than with a classic blow up doll. For the most realistic experience possible, it is important that the openings feel smooth and smooth. The vagina of a lifelike sex doll has a pleasant structure. The structure and tightness is equivalent to a real woman’s vagina. This also applies to the anus and mouth of the sex doll. The openings are also stretchable and therefore suitable for any size penis.

An important difference with a real woman is that a lifelike sex doll does not become moist by itself. Therefore, always use water-based lubricant during sex. This prevents wear and makes sex a lot more pleasant.


Robust and flexible metal skeleton

All full size love dolls in our range have a robust metal skeleton. Adjustable joints allow for mobility of the skeleton. Some sex doll joints only allow for movement in one direction, but there are also joints that can move in multiple directions. Adjusting the joints can cause the joint to bend or stretch. A sex doll can therefore be put in different positions.


Whether you want to make a lifelike sex doll sit or lie down, (almost) all human positions are possible. Important: a sex doll can only stand if it has a foot with a standing function. A standing foot is equipped with special reinforcing bolts. This offers a number of advantages. This way the feet are able to support the entire body weight of the sex doll, without having to worry that the skeleton of your sex doll will drop down. So if you want to put a sex doll in a standing position, always choose a standing foot.


Lauryn - Sex Doll Review

Lauryn – Sex Doll Review


Sex doll review about Realdoll



RealDoll® is a brand name

A few years ago, the number of sex doll manufacturers could be counted on one hand. Abyss Creations from California has been making the well-known dolls known under the name RealDoll® for several years now. RealDoll® makes sex dolls 2.0. RealDoll® sex dolls are made of silicone. Everything is made by hand down to the smallest detail. These sex dolls are offered in the price category from €6000.


A Realdoll or silicone sex doll, as the name implies, is a realistic and almost always life-size doll. The doll is completely made of 100% silicone with a sturdy internal skeleton. Furthermore, all parts are imitated as realistically as possible, and they can be adjusted to taste upon purchase (if customized), such as:


The hair (shape and color)

The hands and feet (with or without nail polish)

The color eyes

Skin color

The lips and color lipstick

The eyebrows and eyelashes

Nipple structure and color

Cup size breasts

Vagina structure and whether it should be removable yes or no

Pubic hair color and structure (or bald of course)

N.b. Many parts are removable so you can change them. Think, for example, of a new head, a new hair color or a different artificial vagina. These individual parts are available separately.


The inventor of the Realdoll is Matt McMullen. The Realdoll was initially conceived to keep lonely people company. Loneliness among all layers of the population and also of all ages is a structural problem in the Western world and Asian countries such as China and Japan. Soon the need arose to use the Realdoll sexually and that is how the first 100% lifelike sex doll was created! The doll was provided with a realistic artificial vagina, a realistic artificial anus and an oral opening. So you can use a Realdoll both as a sex doll and as a life companion.


Miriam - High End Sex Dolls

Miriam – High End Sex Dolls


However, because of the purchase value, the doll is very often also purchased for emotional connection. These people see the (sex) doll as a life partner to whom they talk. The doll is also dressed in this way and he or she sits or lies next to this person in bed or on the couch. Finally, we would like to mention that Realdoll is an official brand name. There are also other manufacturers such as Dreamdoll. Full size love dolls are also sold under the name ‘TPE sex dolls’. Basically it all comes down to the same thing, with one brand being a bit more durable and realistic than the other. Realdoll and Dreamdoll are in any case two brands of which you can expect the quality to be superior.


Realdoll 2, the latest generation


Realdoll2 is the latest generation of sex dolls that use Realdoll technology. These dolls are made of the best materials and techniques currently available. The difference between a classic Realdoll and the Realdoll2 is weight, more detachable elements, better facial expression, a new line of faces and body parts and a stainless steel skeleton. All this together makes the sex doll even more realistic and durable for the future. A Realdoll2 is currently available from around € 6500,-



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