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Sex Doll Clothes & Sex Doll Head Tips From The Pros!

Helena - Sex Doll Head

Sex Doll Head & Sex Doll Clothes Tips

Want some ideas when it comes to customizing your sex doll head and sex doll clothes? Well, today we are sharing some fun tips and suggestions with you. And help you get on the right track when it comes to making sure your sex doll looks as hot as can be! By changing her hairstyle and clothing. You can well and truly make her your ultimate fantasy woman!

Sex Doll Clothes And Staining!

A huge part of the fun of having a sex doll is dressing her up in all kinds of sexy outfits. And that is why we are talking about sex doll clothes here. For example, look at our stunning fantasy sex dolls that are designed to look as authentic as possible. The outfit is a huge part of bringing that fantasy to life. But, if you have one of our, let’s say, teen sex dolls for example. And want to dress her up in a sexy outfit, you may also be worried about staining.

Staining can happen to action figures that use cloth clothing and it can also happen to your sex doll. Dark fabrics have the potential to stain her TPE or silicone skin and you do not want that. You do not have to worry about staining your sex doll head. But a black shirt, dress, or something else could stain her body. By washing the item of clothing a few times before you have her wear it you are lessening the chances of staining. Yet, if that is not enough precaution for you. You could always put her in some flesh colored tights or clothing first. And then put the darker clothes on top of that. To be honest, as long as you do not leave the dark clothing on her too long, you should be fine.

Samra - Sex Doll Clothes

Where To Buy Sex Doll Clothes?

Take a look at one of our porn star looking sex dolls from our huge breasts category! With their huge boobs, tiny waist, and perfectly round butt. You cannot exactly just buy sex doll clothes off the rack for her. Buying stuff for your sex doll head is a bit easier, but when it comes to sexy clothing, you have to think before you buy. Try and find clothing that will enhance your sex doll’s look. For example, if she has huge boobs, you will want to get her something that is going to show them off. Depending on the size of your lady, you can also go for Asian sizes. In this case, websites like AliExpress or LightInTheBox are recommended. Here you can find a cheap Asian size outfit. Make sure to compare measurements and you will have a great source for clothing.

All our sex dolls, from our small sex dolls to our large sex dolls. Are designed to be as realistic as possible. But often you will want to look at clothes that are small or even extra small if you have one of our petite sex dolls. A huge part of the fun of having a sex doll is dressing her up to look cute or even downright slutty if that is more your thing. Have fun experimenting with different outfits as you try to make her even hotter.

Kayleigh - Sex Doll Clothes

The Woman Of Your Dreams!

One of the most fun things about having a high end sex doll. Apart from all the phenomenal sex of course. Is dressing them up just the way you want. Giving her the perfect sex doll head or sex doll clothes is a great way to take one of our already hot sex dolls. And make her unique! For example, we have a great selection of Latina sex dolls. But with the right kind of makeup and some stylish clothing picked out by you. You could turn her into your own Latina celebrity like J-Lo!

It does not even have to be a celebrity or a video game character! You can take one of our redhead sex dolls, a teen sex doll, or whatever, and make them look exactly the way you want. We have various sex doll customization options that you can play around with. Which along with the clothing you choose, will make her look exactly the way you want!

Summer - Sex Doll Head

Makeup To Make A Sex Doll Head Even Sexier

Here we want to talk about giving that sex doll head a bit more personal taste. We think that our sex dolls all look great, we have mature sex dolls, young sex dolls, and everything in between. Some people have asked us about putting make-up on a sex doll. And we are here to tell you it is possible, but you have to be very careful! To start with, DO NOT use any kind of liquid foundation or any other kind of liquid make-up. As it can soak into the skin and stain. We would also recommend that you DO NOT use any kind of glitter make-up as that can also stain.

If you want to give her a great look with some make-up that compliments the sex doll clothes you have picked out. We recommend that you use natural ingredients that are for sensitive skin. If you are going to use make up with your sex doll, make sure it is powder based. Many “cheaper” drugstore make ups are ideal for this as they are powder based. You want to be as gentle as possible using a soft brush when applying the make-up. We also suggest you take off the make-up as soon as you are done. Using natural baby wipes or something like Ponds Cold Cream will get the make-up off quickly. And not leave any lasting effects.

Chiara - Sex Doll Head

Sex Doll Accessories For The Final Touches

We have already talked about sex doll clothes and how to make your sex doll head pop. But, we do also have some fun suggestions to add a bit more “character” to your sex doll. If you take one of our ebony sex dolls and want to make her look like a superstar, a bit of bling can go a long way. From a bracelet to a set of earrings, you will love how much more “real” a little bit of jewelry can go.

We would advise that you make sure the jewelry you use does not have any sharp edges. As you do not want to damage your sex doll. Also, you could pierce her ears if you wanted. But we understand that if you have this stunning redhead sex doll, you may not want to risk that. Well, do not worry, you can use clip-on earrings and she will still look fantastic. Accessories can be a fun way to spice her look up and really help your sexual fantasies come true.

Adriana - Sex Doll Head

Thanks for checking out our sex doll head and sex doll clothes tips today. We have sex dolls of all shapes and sizes. We have big boobs sex dolls for those that love more than a handful. And we have muscular sex dolls for those that love a lady who hits the gym! Using make-up and sexy clothing can be a great way to have more fun with your sex doll. And we hope that our tips will help keep you on the right track with this.

Be sure to check out all the great deals we have on sex dolls. And start thinking about all the fun you can have with your very own hottie. Who is there to help you bring all your wildest sexual fantasies to life!

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