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How Much is a Sexdoll? Choose Silicone or TPE Life Like Love Dolls?

Nancy - Fantasy Sex Doll

How Much Is A Sex Doll And Does Material Matter?

We have the best collection of life like love dolls here at Tebux. And one of the most common questions we get is how much is a sex doll and why does it cost that much? Today, we are helping you know why sex dolls are priced the way that they are. Also looking at the two most common materials that are used to bring high end sex dolls to life.

Life Like Love Dolls Are Worth Every Penny

We want to start by talking about the question, how much is a sex doll? We have all kinds of life like love dolls here. We have petite sex dolls, teen sex dolls, and much more. We are as competitive as we can be with our pricing. And you will notice that we often have special deals on certain dolls. To try and help you make your buck go that little bit further. At the end of the day, a high end sex doll is all about you bringing your sexual fantasies to life.

While it may sound cheesy and like some kind of slogan, we believe that you cannot put a price on that! Plus, with one of our sex dolls, there is no awkward discussion about what your fantasy is. Or you being worried about being judged or offending someone! With one of our sexy ladies, your sexual fantasy and satisfaction are all that matters! To make this a reality, sex dolls have to be made with the highest quality parts. And this is why they are priced the way that they are.

Priscilla - How Much is a Sexdoll

How Much Is A Sex Doll? Like 20 Bucks?

That may have been the case back in the 80s and even 90s. But with one of our realistic life like love dolls. You are not getting some kind of horrific looking plastic feeling gaping mouthed sex doll that were popular for way too long! One of the things that we have found people need to get over when asking, how much is a sex doll. Is that the sex dolls of today are not even in the same universe, let alone category as those blow up dolls we all like to make fun of! Look at one of our fantasy sex dolls and tell us that any blow up doll should be in the same conversation!

Can’t You Make Them Cheaper?

Hey, that is a great question and we do try our hardest to make our high end sex dolls. No matter if it is our best selling sex dolls or our small sex dolls. They are as affordable as can be. We offer discounts and we do all this while keeping the quality of our life like love dolls as premium as can be! At the end of the day, we want you to have the most realistic encounter possible with your dream woman. Who is going to help you bring your wildest dreams to reality.

The fact of the matter is, if we were to cheap out and use a cheap plastic material to do this. You would not get the same immersion or gratification that you get from one of our sex dolls. Looking and feeling as real as can be is what a Tebux sex doll is all about. This is why we have so many great sex doll reviews from people. Who are well and truly amazed at how real our sex dolls look and feel!

Lara - How Much is a Sexdoll

The Making Of Our Life Like Love Dolls: TPE Sex Dolls

If you want more information about the materials we use for your life like love dolls. We are always here to answer any questions you may have. To ensure you are happy with your lady and you know exactly how much a sex doll is and why it is priced this way. Now, there are two main materials that are used for high end sex dolls. There is TPE which is a thermoplastic elastomer that is very common. This material allows us to keep the prices of our high end sex dolls as low as we do, but without compromising the quality. We want you to have the most epic time possible, but we do not want you to have to break the bank or sell a kidney to do it!

TPE sex dolls, no matter if it is one of our huge breasts sex dolls or even one of our modest on top, flat chested sex dolls. All offer you a fun and realistic sexual experience that is going to blow your mind! TPE is nice and smooth, it is lightweight and it is very easy to wipe down and maintain. There is a very good reason why so many sex dolls are made with this fantastic material.

Noa - Teen Sex Dolls

The Making Of Our Life Like Love Dolls: Silicone Sex Dolls

Hey, we are not just talking about the big breast sex dolls here. Or our blonde sex dolls that would give the bust of a prime 90s Pamela Anderson a run for her money! Silicone is another popular material that is used for life like love dolls. We have repeatedly asked the question today of how much is a sex doll. And a silicone sex doll is more expensive than a TPE sex doll.

To be honest with you. Unless you have a science degree and are running all kinds of experiments on silicone and TPE. Chances are the average person is not going to be able to tell much of a difference. It is said that silicone is a little easier to clean and it is not as porous as TPE so it is less likely to stain. But, if you are properly maintaining your sex doll, that should not be an issue anyway! One of our ladies is 100 percent going to give you an erotic and realistic XXX experience. That is going to well and truly help you bring your sexual fantasies to reality.

Taylor - How Much is a Sexdoll

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

It is one thing to talk about the skin of our life like love dolls. And how that can play a factor in the question of, how much is a sex doll? But, we do also have to talk about what is under the skin. From our BBW sex dolls to those ripped muscular sex dolls. Our ladies all have a very sophisticated skeleton inside of them. And this is what allows you to put them into so many erotic positions. As you can see from all the hot images we have here on the site. A Tebux sex doll is very easy on the eyes, but we want to make sure that our ladies are not just trying to skate by on her looks!

Sure, she can just lay there and take it if that is what you want. But, with their flexible skeletons, our ladies can be posed in all kinds of fun ways. You can finally try out all those erotic positions you have dreamed of. And do not be shocked if you notice that you become a much more skilled and confident performer in the bedroom!

Ayla - Life Like Love Dolls

We understand that some people may see one of our life like love dolls. Be amazed at how beautiful she is, and then be shocked when they see the price. These are not cheap! Yet, we also feel like our sex dolls are worth every penny. And that is why we are not shy in answering the question, how much is a sex doll? You see, we want to give you the most realistic and amazing erotic experience of your life. And we try our very best to do it at the best price we possibly can!

Thanks for joining us today, have some fun by looking at our sexy redhead sex dolls. Our blonde and beautiful ebony sex dolls, and all the other ladies we have! Also, be sure to check out our other blogs to help you pick the right sex doll for you. And be more knowledgeable about the awesome world of life like love dolls!

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