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Who Invented The Sex Doll – Evolution to a Fullbody Love Doll

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The Evolution Of Sex Dolls – How Fullbody Love Dolls Took Over The World!

No doubt some of you want to jump straight into our huge breasts sex dolls category and get at it! However, here at Tebux, we take sex dolls very seriously. And that is why we wanted to take a trip back in time and look at not just why a fullbody love doll is going to change your life. But also how sex dolls have evolved into what they are today.

A Sex Doll By Any Other Name!

Here at Tebux, you will usually hear us call our lovely ladies “sex dolls”. This is the most basic term. No matter if we are talking about one of our fantasy sex dolls like the stunning and athletic Lara Croft. Or one of our petite sex dolls. But, fullbody love doll and just plain love doll are also appropriate terms. Back in the day, blow up doll and inflatable doll were common terms. As those that were basically inflatable pool toys would need to be blown up before they could be used. No matter what, sex doll is the easiest term to refer to all these lovely ladies as.

Alana - Who Invented The Sex Doll

An Ancient Tale Of The Fullbody Love Doll

Ok, so we are going way back here. You may look at someone like our beautiful Chun Li sex doll who is one of our sexiest video game sex dolls. And be shocked to hear that she and any other fullbody love doll that we have can be traced back to the year of 8 AD! There is a story of a man called Prince Pygmalion. And the basics are that he would make these amazing sculptures of the woman that he loved. He did not just make her for display, he would talk to her, clothe her and he even shared his bed with her.

Well, after dealing with the Goddess Aphrodite, she came to life and he was the luckiest guy in the world. That may be a short summary of this ancient tale, but it could very well be the first case of a sex doll! Heck, if we are talking about sex dolls in the world of fiction. Movies like Mannequin and Weird Science also deal with what is basically a sex doll too!

Brittany - Who Invented The Sex Doll

Sex Dolls On The High Seas

An ancient story is all well and good. But the first of what could be classed as a fullbody love doll was possibly used all the way back in the 17th century. It has been said that Spanish and French sailors would have sex dolls that were made out of various textiles. Before becoming more advanced and being made with sturdier materials like leather and rubber. The idea was that they would keep the sailors from getting too lonely. During their long weeks and even months at sea.

A Fullbody Love Doll Or A Dutch Wife?

We have a great collection of milf sex dolls here at Tebux. But the term Dutch Wives is very interesting and a huge part of the history of sex dolls. We already talked about some of the other interesting terms for sex dolls. But in Japan “Dutch Wives” is still a common term for a high end sex doll.

The reason for this is that sometime in the mid-19th century. Thanks to the Dutch, the Japanese were introduced to these love dolls! They went wild for them and that is why they are still called Dutch Wives by many to this day. As we moved into the 20th century those horny French people upped the game when it came to sex dolls. Where they used rubber to make more realistic looking sex dolls that were very popular.

Carolyn - Who Invented The Sex Doll

The Next Generation Of Sex Dolls

We are now jumping to the amazing sex dolls that we have now here at Tebux! The history of the high end fullbody love doll has a way to go before we get to our modern realistic looking sex dolls. If we go back all the way to 1918 in Austria. An artist called Oskar Kokoschka had a lover called Alma Mahler who was a composer.

After the end of their relationship, he was so heartbroken that he had a man called Hermine Moos, who was a tailor. Make a fullbody love doll that looked like his lost love. It did not work as Oskar would have liked and he ultimately ended up destroying the doll! It would be in the mid-1930s that sex dolls would start to resemble what they would become today. Thanks to Hans Bellmer as his sex dolls were the most lifelike at that point and were sold all over the world!

The Fullbody Love Doll Revolution!

The amazing big breasts sex dolls and even the small breasts sex dolls that we have here at Tebux (and all our other ladies too). Are really an extension of what was started during the 70s. This was when sex dolls started to be made with vinyl, latex, and of course eventually silicone. This gave a fullbody love doll a more realistic look and feel. And it put us on the path to the TPE sex dolls that we have these days.

Of course, that is great and all. But it was also during the 70s and all the way to the 90s that those horrific blow up sex dolls became a thing. These were a cheap way for someone to get a sex doll, but most of the time they were used as some kind of gag gift. These blow up sex dolls are most famous for their massive gaping mouths that they all seemed to have.

Scarlet - Who Invented The Sex Doll

The Sex Doll Of The Future

Right now, the most realistic and advanced sex dolls that you can get can be found right here at Tebux! We have elf sex dolls, thick sex dolls, skinny sex dolls, and everything in between. Whatever your dream woman looks like. You will find her here and she will bring your wildest sexual fantasies to life. But, what will a fullbody love doll in 10, 20, or even 30 years be like? We think that it is very exciting as even now, sex robots are starting to become a thing. Sex dolls that can move on their own. And having an AI personality certainly opens up possibilities that were once thought of as science fiction! Yet, there are very talented people who are working on the next generation of sex dolls right now!

Thank you so much for taking a trip back in time with us today as we look at where the fullbody love doll got its start. It is very interesting to think of what sex dolls in the future will be like! Here at Tebux, we specialize in high end sex dolls and would love to help you find your perfect sex doll! Check out the rest of our fun and informative sex doll articles. To help you know why a sex doll is going to be one of the best purchases you ever make.

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