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How to Clean a Sex Doll for the Most Realistic Love Doll

Ava - How to Clean a Sex Doll

How To Clean A Sex Doll Quickly And Easily!

You have just gotten your brand new most realistic love doll and are amazed by how real she looks and feels! You will be spending a lot of intimate time with her. So to help you ensure she is always clean and fresh. Today we are sharing with you some top tips when it comes to how to clean a sex doll! These tips will help you clean, store and generally make sure that she is there to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. For many, many years to come.

Finding The Most Realistic Love Doll Of Your Dreams!

One thing that all our sex dolls have in common. Be it our teen sex dolls who are young, wild, and carefree. To our mature sex dolls that know exactly how to please a man. Is that they all look and feel real. Each of our ladies are made to the highest standards. And a huge part of what makes a Tebux sex doll such a fantasy fulfilling experience. Is the material we use to give her real feeling skin!

All our ladies feel great. But that realistic feeling skin does mean that you do have to take care when looking after her. Do not worry, that skin is always going to feel amazing. From when you run your hand up her sexy thigh. To when you are deep inside her during a passionate XXX session. As long as you look after her right and that is why we are sharing these tips with you. Our high end love dolls look and feel real, but they will need a little bit of help from you to stay that way.

Diana - Small Sex Dolls

How To Clean A Sex Doll: Her Skin

First up, we need to talk about cleaning her skin. If you pick your most realistic love doll from one of our fantasy sex dolls based on a movie or anime. You want to keep her skin looking and feeling great. Thankfully, this could not be any easier for you to do! You can use sensitive skin baby wipes to give her body a wipe down after each session, it will take you mere minutes! You will then want to gently pat her down with a soft cloth or towel to get rid of the moisture. You can also use some sensitive skin baby powder. And rub that gently all over her if you want to really make sure that she is free from moisture. How to clean a sex doll is one of the more awkward questions to ask about high end sex doll ownership. But many people love how easy it can be.

Now, let’s say that you have one of our busty huge boobs sex dolls. And think that a bath with some soap is the best way to get her epic boobs clean! Well, if you do not have her with a heated body, you can safely do this! Just make sure you are using natural soap and only use a little bit of it. You can then use a very soft sponge to gently wipe her down. This is a way more erotic way to clean her. So do not be surprised if you get all pumped up and want to spend some more quality time with her while you are doing it. As long as you make sure that the soap, baby wipes, gel, or whatever you use is as natural as possible. It will be ok to clean her skin. Making sure you dry her properly though, is just as important as the cleaning itself.

Claudia - Most Realistic Love Doll

How To Clean A Sex Doll: Her More Intimate Areas

Sure, when it comes to the most realistic love doll, cleaning her skin is nice and easy. But what about her mouth, vagina and anus! Those are the fun zones and what most people are talking about when they are trying to learn, how to clean a sex doll. All our sex dolls are easy to clean when it comes to their intimate areas. From our petite sex dolls all the way to our BBW love dolls! Making sure their special lady parts are clean and fresh for your next XXX rendezvous is very easy.

A vaginal douche is your friend here. Ok, now that you have finished giggling because we said “vaginal douche” we can get to work! Simply fill it with some warm soapy water and then clean her intimate areas out. Yes, it is that simple, there is no special trick or anything like that. You will then want to rinse her out with regular warm water and then leave her to dry. Now, when it comes to drying, you can use a microfiber cloth that you roll up and gently put inside her. You may also want to use a little bit of baby powder outside her intimate areas. To get rid of any leftover water and moisture there.

Liliana - How to Clean a Sex Doll

How To Keep Her Skin Stain Free!

One of the worries that some people have about their most realistic love doll is staining. It is only natural that you will want to dress her up in all kinds of sexy outfits! You can have one of our asian sex dolls look like a movie star. Or perhaps even dress up one of our muscular sex dolls like a wrestler or some kind of Amazon warrior princess! Anyway, staining can be an issue if you are not careful, but we are here to help with that. When it comes to how to clean a sex doll. Pre-care can often be the key and that is certainly the case when it comes to staining.

To start with, we highly recommend that you wash any outfits. Or items of clothing that you buy her a couple of times before you put them on her. This can greatly help lessen the chances of the fabric dye staining your sex doll. The most important part of stain prevention though is that you never leave the clothes on her too long. A hot and erotic hour (or more if you have the stamina) is fine. Yet, you want to make sure that you do not leave any clothing on her for too long, especially when you are storing her away.

Noa - Most Realistic Love Doll

Where To Keep The Most Realistic Love Doll?

We just talked about how the most realistic love doll you purchase should not be stored with any clothing on. But what about storage in general? We have already figured out that when it comes to how to clean a sex doll, it is not as difficult as you would think. Yet, if you do have this stunning blonde sex doll or a big boobs sex doll. You will obviously want to make sure that she is stored safely so that there is no chance of her getting damaged.

Thankfully, we here at Tebux ship (for free we might add) all our high end sex dolls in a container that is suitable for storage! But, we do have a few other tips for you. First of all, she should always be stored on her back if possible! Storing a sex doll on her front or on her feet for a prolonged period of time can damage her. Leading to her epic boobs not looking as great or her legs having issues. Safely storing her on her back is ideal, but you can also store her in a sitting position too. As we said, never store her with her clothes on, and make sure to cover her. Not only does this keep her hidden away, but it also ensures that dust will not be an issue. One last pro tip that we have for you is to 100 percent make sure that she is free of any moisture before you store her away.

Macy - How to Clean a Sex Doll

We understand that asking how to clean a sex doll is one of the most awkward parts of getting the most realistic love doll. But, as you can see, it is honestly not that hard or time consuming to clean a sex doll. Her skin and her intimate areas with just a little bit of care and attention will stay looking and feeling great for many years to come.

Thanks for checking out our post today. No matter if you want a large sex doll, a small breasts sex doll, or even a hot and feisty sex doll! We have all kinds of awesome categories for you to check out so that you can find the woman of your dreams! Feel free to ask any questions you may have about getting a sex doll. And we will help you the best we can to find that perfect sex doll for you!

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