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TPE Love Doll & High End Sex Dolls Maintenance Tips!

Deborah - Petite Sex Doll

TPE Love Doll Tips – Love Dolls Life Size Maintenance

Want to know how our love dolls life size collection stays looking so good? Well, we are sharing with you some essential TPE love doll maintenance tips. To help you keep your lovely looking lady as stunning as possible for many years to come. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to look after your high end sex doll.

Making Your TPE Love Doll Feel Great

Most of the TPE love doll maintenance will be about after you have had the wildest and fun sex of your life. With your fantasy sex doll, teen sex doll, or whichever style of sex doll you went for! No matter what one of our love dolls life size collection you go for, we always recommend using a water based lube. A water based lube is going to be perfect in every regard.

To start with, it is not going to do anything negative at all to your sex doll. But, it is also going to do wonders to make her most intimate areas feel as realistic as possible! Sure, you can just dive right in if you want. But with a water based lube, you are going to notice a huge difference in not just how the sex feels. But it will also help trigger your fantasies and make your erotic rendezvous much more realistic. We advise against using a silicone based lube as it could cause problems down the road.

Karla - Love Dolls Life Size

Loosening Her Up

We have a great range of petite sex dolls. And some of our video game sex dolls look like they know how to get into all kinds of crazy erotic positions. A huge part of the appeal of a TPE love doll is being able to put her into any position you desire! This lets you try out all those moves you have dreamed of. And it also helps you become better in bed and more confident in your abilities. No matter which one of the ladies you choose from our love dolls life size collection. You do not just want to start ragging their limbs around like they are a trained contortionists!

All our high end sex dolls have a flexible skeleton underneath their flawless and realistic looking and feeling skin. But, you want to take it slow at first, gently moving her into the position you want. After a few sessions, her limbs will loosen up and move a bit easier, but take care with her. Treat her like a lady and she will service all your sexual desires for many, many years to come!

Estella - Love Dolls Life Size

Keeping Our Love Dolls Life Size Babes Fresh & Clean

Ok, here we go! We take so much pride in all our ladies. From our small breasts sex dolls to our Asian sex dolls and even our small, but cute skinny sex dolls. Yet, we know how awkward it is to talk about keeping your TPE love doll fresh and clean. The good news is, while it is awkward to talk about. It is actually nowhere near as complicated, time consuming, or hard as you may think!

We would advise cleaning her intimate areas after each use. This will keep her clean and fresh, ensuring she is ready for action whenever you are! It is very simple, a vaginal douche is all you need. Lukewarm water and antibacterial soap is the combo you will be using. We would not recommend anything too strong as you do not want to damage your sex doll. But you also do not want to risk hurting yourself either. Once you have douched her intimate areas. We recommend you use a microfiber cloth to dry her and make sure she is free from moisture. Honestly, this is all the cleaning that she requires!

Beatrice - Love Dolls Life Size

Keeping The Skin Of A TPE Love Doll Looking & Feeling Great!

Keeping the intimate areas of your TPE love doll clean is easy and essential if you want to own a high end sex doll. One of our blonde sex dolls or even one of our fiery redhead sex dolls will need a little help keeping that realistic feeling skin clean. You can do this in a few different ways, we advise using something that is designed for sensitive skin. Every sex doll in our love dolls life size collection needs a little wipe down after a hot and sweaty fantasy fulfilling session.

You can make a solution of warm water and your chosen cleaning solution (again, make sure it is for sensitive skin). Or you can use a sensitive skin, skin cleaning wipe. Sensitive baby wipes are perfect for this! Once you have wiped her down and dried her skin. A rub down with some sensitive skin baby powder will help her stay looking and feel fresh. Do not be surprised if all this cleaning gets you horny and you want to go again for a second round! But hey, if you do, at least you know how to clean her properly once you are done!

Savanna - Love Dolls Life Size

Every Doll In Our Love Dolls Life Size Collection Is Easy To Store

Not only do we offer free shipping here at Tebux, from our small sex dolls right the way up to our large sex dolls. The shipping box that your TPE love doll comes to you in can also be used as a storage box. This will help keep her clean and also out of sight. As well as offering custom sex dolls, we do also offer premium extras. One of which is a traveling case which also can be used as a storage option.

To be real with you, storing a sex doll is something that is easy to do and just requires a bit of common sense. For example, you are best if you can have her stored laying down on her back. Never keep a sex doll laid on her front for too long, even our big boobs sex dolls will not appreciate that. You could have her laying on her back on a small padded mattress or even something like a yoga mat underneath your bed. Make sure you are not putting a bunch of heavy stuff on her or that you are leaving her standing up for weeks on end. Treat her like you would any of your high end collectibles and you will be fine.

Camille - Love Dolls Life Size

We know that one of the scarier parts of owning a high end TPE love doll, is the thought of keeping her clean and keeping her stored safely in your home. As you can see, it is not all that hard to do. It is mostly common sense, take care of her and she will take care of all your sexual needs for many years to come.

Hopefully, our tips today will make one of the ladies from our love dolls life size collection be even more appealing for you. As you now know how easy they are to look after. Here at Tebux, we want to help you find the perfect sex doll for your needs. So be sure to shoot us a message if you have any questions. And we will make sure that you are on your way to spending some quality XXX time with the woman of your dreams!

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