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Sex Doll Review – Difference in Full Size Love Dolls, Realdolls and Sex Dolls

Jazmine - Sex Doll Review

What Makes Full Size Love Dolls So Great?

We love it when we get an email from one of our customers where they give us a sex doll review. And let us know why they are so happy with whatever one of the full size love dolls we have to offer they purchased. Be it from our large sex dolls or our petite sex dolls. We have a whole host of awesome looking ladies (and a few guys too!) who are here to bring your wildest sexual fantasies to life! With that being said, there are many people who still do not know why a Tebux high end sex doll is so great. And that is exactly what we are looking at here.

These Are Not Blow Up Dolls!

There are still many people who when they hear the term, full size love dolls. Get the image of one of those terrible looking blow up dolls that were popular in the 80s and ’90s! What we are talking about here is nothing like that at all. Those were basically inflatable pool toys. That had some very uncomfortable holes cut into them! Have you ever read a glowing sex doll review about one of these styles of sex doll? Exactly! They are the crudest way to “have sex” imaginable. And that is not what we are about here at Tebux, our sex dolls are all designed to be as close to the real thing as possible!

When looking for your perfect sex doll, which we are more than happy to help you find. The first thing you have to do. Before you decide if you want one of our teen sex dolls, huge boobs sex dolls. Or one of our other hotties, is to forget everything you think you know about sex dolls! These are the next generation of sex dolls and so much more than something to stick your penis in! We are offering an erotic and immersive experience. That will blow your mind and you do not get that from a blow up doll!

Penny - Sex Doll Review

Full Size Love Dolls Have The Right Proportions!

We use the term full size love dolls a lot when talking about sex dolls. But our sex dolls do actually come in all shapes and sizes. The term “full size” is more about their proportions so that they actually look like a real woman. We have medium sex dolls that are clearly going to be bigger than our small sex dolls. But despite their height being different. They are all proportioned correctly to give them a realistic look.

It means if you do not have a huge amount of space to store your sex doll. You may want to go for a petite sex doll. As you will see from any sex doll review that we have. These ladies are all about helping people bring their sexual fantasies to life. And a huge part of that is making them look like a real woman.

Kyra - Sex Doll Review

We Have To Talk About The Boobs!

If we are honest, when we picture or start thinking about what the best full size love dolls are. Boobs are one of the first things that come to mind. While we talked about how all our ladies, no matter if they are one of our best selling sex dolls. That has glowing sex doll reviews, or if they are one of our BBW love dolls that has curves in all the right places. Their boobs are going to be a major highlight and something that you put a lot of thought into.

That is why here at Tebux, we offer sex dolls that have boobs of pretty much every style you could want! We have flat chested sex dolls for those that like their ladies slender. We also have more natural looking breasts. And for those that want the porn start with huge exaggerated boobs. We have big boobs sex dolls, and even huge boobs sex dolls. No matter if you want that erotic realistic set of boobs that are the perfect handful. Or if you want those massive porn star boobs, we have you covered here. With blow up sex dolls and sex dolls of the past, boobs tended to look weird and feel like beach balls!

Lauryn - Sex Doll Review

Real Feel Skin Is What Makes Our Full Size Love Dolls The Best!

It is one thing for all our sex dolls to look great on screen or even when you first unbox them. But, what makes people realize they made the right choice and want to leave a sex doll review. Saying how amazed they are is the skin. All our full size love dolls are made with a very special material. And is as close to replicating human skin as possible.

You may be blown away by one of our fantasy sex dolls with how great and real she looks. But it will not be until the first time you run your hand down her thigh. Or touch her perfect breasts that you realize why we use this material. It is this material that makes the time you spend with one of our sex dolls so erotic. And it is why you are able to live out all those wild sexual fantasies you have always had.

Virginia- Love Dolls Life Size

What About Where The Magic Happens?

No, we are not talking about your bedroom. Or wherever it is you will love to spend time with whatever one of our lovely full size love dolls you decide to go for! Nope, we are talking about their special lady parts. Their most intimate areas, their fun zones, or whatever it is you want to call them! We talked about how all our ladies have realistic feeling skin. And that rings true for their mouth, vagina, and anus as well. From our mature sex dolls to our teen sex dolls. They are all made to offer you the most amazing experience possible!

If you read any sex doll review, one of the first things you want to know is “how good does it feel?” Well, we are happy to tell you that all our ladies have their special areas expertly designed. So that they do not just feel great, but they feel as close to the real thing as possible. Those old blow up dolls were nothing more than a rough feeling hole for you to plow into. They might have gotten the job done back in the day, but we are offering more than that. We are offering you an amazing and mind blowing experience that is so much more than just “a hole” for you to use. We want you to have the most amazing and erotic time of your life. And to be able to live out all those sexual fantasies you have always dreamed of!

Rachel - Love Dolls Life Size

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today. And take a closer look at why our full size love dolls are the most amazing and erotic experience a person can have! As we have said many times, our sex dolls are truly the best around. And that is why we love it when we do get a sex doll review from one of our customers. Letting us know how we have helped them bring their sexual fantasies to life. In a way that is better than they ever could have imagined!

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