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Custom Sex Doll Specialist & Best Sex Doll Company Advice


You want to buy a custom sex doll. Always buy your custom sex doll at an official point of sale. This way you can avoid a lot of trouble. You can read more about it in this blog.


It is wise to buy a custom sex doll from a (web) retailer that specializes in sex dolls. This way you can be sure that you are buying a sex doll of high quality. The best sex doll company can advise you on the right purchase, and has a lot of specific product knowledge in-house. This way you can avoid a lot of trouble.



Table of contents:


– Why you should buy a custom sex doll from a specialist

– Why buy a custom sex doll?

– Who buys a custom sex doll? 9 reasons to buy a lifelike sex doll

– Sex dolls for women

– 4 reasons to buy a male sex doll


Scarlett - Custom Sex Doll

Scarlett – Custom Sex Doll


Why you should buy a custom sex doll from a specialist


Buy a custom sex doll from the best sex doll company

When purchasing a sex doll, it is important not to go too fast. Choose a reliable address and always buy your sex doll from the best sex doll company. With us, all our custom sex dolls meet the requirements and conditions. In addition, you can be 100% sure that you are buying a good quality sex doll. A custom sex doll is often made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is available in different types and compositions. The composition of the TPE influences the degree of realism, durability and softness. The sex dolls you buy from us are made of high-quality patented TPE. A custom sex doll made of high-quality TPE is very realistic, wonderfully soft and will last for years.


Buying sex doll – don’t make an impulse purchase

A custom sex doll often costs more than you think, so don’t be tempted by extremely high discounts. Discounts of more than 60% are not realistic. Think in advance what you want to spend on a sex doll, but also what your wishes and expectations are. How important do you think the level of realism, durability and quality of a custom sex doll is?


Cecelia - Best Sex Doll Company

Cecelia – Best Sex Doll Company


Buying sex doll online: watch out for these pitfalls

Low prices are very tempting. Online stores offer custom sex dolls for unrealistically low prices. Anyone who buys a sex doll in a US web store will see prices rise to $2000. While online, a similar custom sex doll can be found for the fraction of the price. The major disadvantage is the unexpected – often high costs – afterwards. When importing a sex doll from abroad, you have to take into account VAT, import duties and handling costs in addition to the purchase price. These costs are always included in the total price. In addition, in many cases it concerns fake custom sex dolls.


Why you don’t want to buy a fake sex doll

Counterfeit custom sex dolls are copies of sex dolls from best sex doll companies. With fake custom sex dolls you know in advance that the quality and durability is different. Despite the fact that original product photos from known brands, there are differences in quality. Details such as quality of the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), robustness of the skeleton, the degree of realism and even the body dimensions may differ. Often these are small(er) dolls of 100 to 140 cm. These dolls are often made of poor quality TPE.

Fake sex dolls are harmful not only to your health, but also to your wallet.


A custom sex doll can be made of different materials. An original sex doll is of better quality than a fake custom sex doll. A fake sex doll can be a tempting option due to the price. But it is more fragile and does not last as long. In addition, counterfeit custom sex dolls may in some cases contain harmful substances, such as plasticizers (phthalates). These substances can be bad for your health and cause serious allergic reactions. Do you always want to know where you stand in terms of costs, quality and service? Always buy your sex doll from a reliable address.


Erika - Custom Sex Doll

Erika – Custom Sex Doll


Why Buy a Custom sex doll?


Everyone has their own reasons for buying a sex doll. While many single men buy a custom sex doll to masturbate with, there are also other reasons for purchasing a sex doll. We have listed this for you.


Masturbating With a Custom sex doll

It should come as no surprise that sex dolls are mainly bought for masturbation. Some single men have deliberately chosen to remain single because they want to be independent. Or simply haven’t found the right person to start a relationship with yet. Many single men have no sexual contact for a long time, but they do have the need for sex and intimacy. A custom sex doll can then be a very pleasant way to indulge in self-gratification, if one experiences the step to an escort as too high. A sex doll can also be a solution. Having sex with a custom sex doll can feel very safe and you can act out al kinds of fantasies. It gives you the space to experiment in peace, a sex doll will never reject you.


Acting Out Your Sexual Fantasies

While many people think that custom sex dolls are only bought by single men, the opposite is true. Sex dolls are also regularly bought by couples who want to enrich their sex life. Everyone has a fetish or sexual fantasy from time to time: from whips, to handcuffs, to a love of leather. Everyone has a fetish from time to time. Many (married) couples fantasize about threesome sex, but experience the threshold to actually put this into practice as too high. A custom sex doll can be a great way to make your wildest dreams come true. Starting a conversation about this with your (bed) partner can make this quite difficult. Many people think that only men can enjoy sex with a sex doll. Nothing is less true! In addition to sex dolls, we can easily transform your sex doll into a beautiful shemale by a insertable dildo. This also makes it attractive for a woman to experiment with sex dolls.


Elisabeth - Best Sex Doll Company

Elisabeth – Best Sex Doll Company


Boost Your Sex Life

You can still have such a good relationship, but for many couples the sex life drops over time. A common problem is, for example, that one of the two has no (longer) need for sex. Many women sometimes need a period of time after pregnancy and pregnancy to get back in the mood. A busy job, physical complaints or erection problems can also cause sex to fail. First and foremost, it is completely normal for the sex drive to diminish after the first infatuation. In fact, half of couples who have been together for more than 10 years have no sex at all for extended periods. Sex creates connection in a relationship. It can then help to look for new stimuli together. It doesn’t always have to come to sex. Solo sex and masturbation with a custom sex doll can also be a way, talk about it together. Buying a sex doll together creates a bond. It is also a way to (re)discover your body and see what you like together.


It Takes The Pressure Off

Everyone is sometimes insecure when it comes to sex. ‘Is the other person having a good time?’ These thoughts can make you insecure and lead to stress, which makes you less able to enjoy sex. In addition, due to (starting) erection problems, you can suffer from performance urges or fear of failure during sex. The same, of course, applies to first-time sex: many people find this very exciting. All this can make you feel a bit insecure in the bedroom. A custom sex doll can give you more confidence in the bedroom. If you have sex with a sex doll, you can experiment in peace with what you like and how the female body works. Sex with a custom sex doll is just like a real woman – this gives you a lot of confidence and experience.


Joanne - Custom Sex Doll

Joanne – Custom Sex Doll


Who buys a custom sex doll? 9 reasons to buy a lifelike custom sex doll


You probably came to this page because you are interested in a lifelike sex doll. But let’s be honest, despite the fact that these so-called ‘sex dolls’ are being sold more and more, it still feels a bit strange for most people to buy such a doll. In other words, the threshold is sometimes still high to eventually make a purchase.


A sex doll is very normal nowadays

On this page we try to reassure you a bit and we indicate why people order a custom sex doll and are often very satisfied with it! In any case, it is no longer very special to purchase a sex doll because after these kinds of products sold like hot cakes in Asia, this is now also the case in Europe and the US.


Leia - Best Sex Doll Company

Leia – Best Sex Doll Company


Different people, different wishes

We have been active in the real-life custom sex doll industry for a number of years now and see that we have many different types of customers. Here is a list of different people with different wishes.


  1. The single single man (or woman).


  1. Men with autism or disabilities who find it difficult to socialize with a woman. People with disabilities also have sexual needs. In the past, an escort was often ordered for this, but we increasingly see that a lifelike sex doll offers a solution. This is easier and cheaper.


  1. Older men are often still attracted to younger women. By ordering a lifelike doll it becomes easier for these men to have sex with a woman with a tight and young body. Again, this is much cheaper than an escort service.


  1. Especially in Asian countries, single men are often very lonely, which often leads to major social-emotional problems. Also in Western countries men (and women) increasingly feel lonely due to the individualization of society. A lifelike custom sex doll offers a solution for this. We know that some men have little or no sex with their doll, these men use the doll as a buddy or life partner.


  1. Some people get very aroused by a body type that deviates from the standard sizes. Think, for example, of a woman with huge breasts or very large buttocks. Because just about everything is possible with our dolls, we also see an increase in customers with certain kinks.


  1. Some customers have a real fetish for dolls and are mostly collectors. They often contain a whole collection of sex dolls.


  1. Men with a partner often see the purchase of a custom sex doll (in consultation with their partner) as a sex toy and/or an addition to their sex life. A trio can sometimes cause some problems, so it’s better to try it with a doll first.


  1. Men who don’t have the money to order an escort or go to hookers or men who would rather cheat with a doll than a real woman.


Leilani - Best Sex Doll Company

Leilani – Best Sex Doll Company


Custom sex dolls for women


You see it more and more: women who buy a sex doll. Are you a woman and do you also want to buy a custom sex doll? In this blog we give you the best tips.


Why women buy a sex doll

Custom sex dolls are most bought by men. About 95% of our customers are male. For several years now, women are also increasingly buying a sex doll. We have never sold so many custom sex dolls to female customers yet


Work or hobby

There are countless reasons why women buy a sex doll. For some it is work related. Lifelike custom sex dolls are extremely popular in the art, culture & media sector. For example, sex dolls are regularly used as a fashion model. Custom sex dolls are also increasingly being bought by female shopkeepers who are looking for a mannequin and/or mannequin.



Sexual motives play less of a role in women than in men. For many women, the purchase of a sex doll starts with looking for companionship, a best friend or buddy. People are fond of anthropomorphizing, attributing human characteristics and emotions to objects or things. Especially in times of social distancing/abstinence, people need to surround themselves with ‘inanimate’ objects.


Michael - Male Sex Doll

Michael – Male Sex Doll


These custom sex dolls are suitable for women


The supply of sex dolls for women has slowly increased in recent years. Which custom sex dolls are most suitable for women now? We list them for you below.


  1. Lightweight Sex doll

A compact and lightweight custom sex doll is popular with seniors and people with little (muscle) strength. But a lightweight sex doll is also extremely suitable for women. The weight of an average custom sex doll fluctuates between 25 to 45 kilograms. Sex dolls of 160 cm and longer and/or with a large bust or thick buttocks quickly exceed 35 kilograms. An advantage is the degree of realism. The disadvantage is that these dolls are not easy to move, especially if you are not that strong. That is why we recommend women to choose a custom sex doll with a low weight. A lightweight sex doll is easier to move and/or store. This reduces the risk of injuries.


  1. Male Custom sex doll

Male sex dolls are especially popular with swingers, couples and gay men. But the male custom sex doll is also very popular with single women. Male sex dolls have the appearance of an attractive man, are life size and have an ultra realistic penis. In addition to an attractive body and face, the penis comes with a lifelike (and big) design. An additional advantage is that his penis is made of skin-like material, which feels very realistic and quickly takes on your own body heat. This provides a lifelike experience during penetration. The disadvantage is that a male custom sex doll is a lot heavier than a female sex doll. Keep this in mind when purchasing.


Riley - Best Sex Doll Company

Riley – Best Sex Doll Company


  1. Shemale Sex doll

In addition to the above options, there is a third alternative. Male sex dolls are heavier (and more expensive) than female custom sex dolls. Most male sex dolls quickly exceed 40 kilograms. Therefore, always ask yourself the question before your purchase: how is my (muscle) strength? If you are not that strong and you still like to be penetrated, then a shemale custom sex doll is a good alternative. Every female sex doll on our website comes standard without a penis, but can be perfectly combined with an insertable 2-way dildo. This attachable dildo is available in different widths and lengths. The advantage is that the average shemale custom sex doll is a lot lighter than a male sex doll. If you count material costs, the average shemale custom sex doll is also a lot cheaper.


Sabrina - Best Sex Doll Company

Sabrina – Best Sex Doll Company


4 reasons to buy a male custom sex doll



Lately we noticed that more and more customers are choosing to purchase a male sex doll. To get straight to the point: 75% of customers buy a male custom sex doll for sexual purposes. But there are more reasons for purchasing a male sex doll.



  1. Sexual Purposes

Male custom sex dolls are popular among gay men, in the swing scene, and among women. More and more couples and (swing) couples are buying a male sex doll to experiment with the phenomenon of partner exchange in an accessible way. In recent years, many single women have started to look more positively at the purchase of a custom sex doll. Among a growing group of women, it is becoming more and more common to “get intimate” with a male sex doll. But a male custom sex doll also offers a solution for men with bisexual or homosexual feelings. It offers the opportunity to (re)discover sexuality in a safe environment.


  1. Art and Photography

In addition to burglary prevention or sexual purposes, a male sex doll can also be a good part of creative methods or expressions of visual art. There are many possibilities to consider. Just think of a male custom sex doll as a model for (nude) portraits. A flesh-and-blood model has trouble sitting still and needs a break every once in a while. But a sex doll never gets tired and can sit in the same position for a long time. A male custom sex doll is just an investment. But that’s a flesh-and-blood model too. And if you convert it, you are cheaper per hour. So a win-win situation!


Tiana - Custom Sex Doll

Tiana – Custom Sex Doll


  1. Shopfitting

Your showroom or shop window is the business card for your customers. That’s why yours should stand out. How? For example, by making the shop window stand out with a male sex doll. A male custom sex doll is not only excellent for use as a mannequin / mannequin, but also turns your shop window into a real eye-catcher. The more original your shop window is, the better you stand out among the other stores. With a male sex doll you will attract a lot of new customers. Bet that your shop window attracts viewers?


  1. Burglary Prevention

Burglary and theft is serious. A burglary can never be completely prevented, luckily you can make it more difficult for burglars. It is important that you lock your house properly and that the house looks occupied during your absence. But a male sex doll can also be used as burglary prevention. A male sex doll is a good preventive measure to reduce the chance of burglary and/or intrusion. You give the impression that someone is at home, which makes breaking in a lot less attractive. If you prefer, you can opt for a cheaper one if you don’t want to invest too much money.



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