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  • Petite Sex Dolls – Cute & Petite Love Dolls

    This is Deborah, one of our medium size petite sex dolls with an arousing body structure. Her butt and breast are elegantly designed and sized to fit perfectly to her overall body structure.  Customize Deborah the small, blonde sex doll who is made for your enjoyment. She comes with lots of details and free gifts- what is not to love?

  • Asian Sex Dolls – Oriental Love Dolls

    Say “Hi” to the lovely Margaret. She is one of our top exotic asian sex dolls. Highly adorable and hot exotic asian sex dolls on the market. If you want to try a new Asian sex doll from Tebux then look no further as we have the perfect doll for you. Margaret is our latest Asian sex doll who comes fully customizable and with seven free gifts. With her tanned exotic body and cute face let your fantasies run wild every day and night.

  • This Android 18 Sex Doll came straight from a Dragon Ball Z Episode!

    The ultimate babe in the world of Dragonball Z is Android 18! You can have realistic and creative fun with her posable skeleton and lifelike skin. She is rocking a very authentic looking costume and she has that sexy, but stern look! The Android 18 sex doll captures her serious and sexy look. Anyone who is a fan of her and Dragonball Z, in general, is going to love her! Experience an unmatched level of satisfaction with the revolutionary Android 18 Sex Doll. Designed to fulfill your deepest desires, this incredible creation brings fantasy to life. From Dragonball Z to real life.

  • Chun Li Sex Doll shows that a Street Fighter can be sexy!

    You can tell this Chun Li sex doll is a true Street Fighter by her big, strong thighs that you’ve always wanted! Street Fighter is the biggest fighting game in the world. Chun Li is its most iconic female character. Now, you can have a premium sex doll modeled after her. She’ll always be ready to play with you! Get ready for her soft and sensual skin. It’s so real, it’ll drive you wild. Plus, her flexible skeleton allows for endless poses! With your very own Chun Li sex doll, you can have a whole lot of fun that brings your fantasies to life.

  • Small Sex Dolls – Compact Love Dolls

    The adorable Diana is a special sexy doll who’s the best of all small sex dolls out there for a new level of sexual delight. Her cute appearance and finest quality realistic skin allows you to feel that beauty at an intimate level. Try Tebux and our new small sex doll Diana. She has a medium bust and is the perfect sex toy for men. Try her today for a premium sex doll experience.

  • Teen Sex Doll – Young Love Doll

    Estelle is a goddess of unsurpassed beauty and amazing sexual energy. A teen sex doll that is ready for anything. Touching her sends an electric thrill up and down your body. Estelle is another of our great quality sex toys for men. We sell teen sex dolls for very cheap prices and only at the greatest quality. Buy Estelle and receive seven free gifts including sexy lingerie. check our collection of 400+ dolls.

  • Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll from a XXX Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

    Many people see Mrs. Rabbit as the ultimate fantasy woman. This Jessica Rabbit sex doll makes that fantasy come true. Looking like she has come from a porn version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She has luscious lips, bright red hair, and a huge set of boobs that look amazing in her iconic red dress. With her real feel skin and posable skeleton, if you make her laugh she will let you put her in any position you desire. Discover the allure of the Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll. Crafted to perfection, capturing the essence of the beloved character. This doll will bring your deepest desires to life.

  • Small Sex Doll – Tiny Love Doll

    Have you ever been with a small sex doll, who pleases you every night in your bed, the way you have always dreamt of? Meet Giselle, a very beautiful Tebux small sex doll, who you will love to caress all night long. Try Giselle the small sex doll for a sexual encounter of a lifetime. This brown haired babe Is one of our smaller sex dolls standing under 150cm tall. This makes her perfect to satisfy all your sexual urges and not be too clunky and cumbersome. Save now in our sale.

  • Sex Doll For Cheap – Affordable Love Doll

    This sex doll for cheap comes with multiple customizable options, like all of our Tebux dolls. You can choose from a wide range of options such as skin color, pubic hair, and so on. Buy Katherine today and save on premium sex dolls. Our dolls are made out of high quality TPE material and a metal frame for strength and flexibility. Customize your perfect doll for the ultimate fantasy.

  • Fantasy Sex Doll – Succubus Sex Doll

    Nancy is a tempting and beautiful medium size fantasy sex doll with unique qualities. Her skin is soft and smooth, yet durable, and feels so realistic you won’t be able to tell the difference. At Tebux we do the best fantasy sex dolls. Nancy is a brilliant Succubus sex doll who stands 158cm tall and comes with a big bust. As standard she comes with a manual cleaning kit and lingerie to help you get the best out of your Tebux sex doll. Save today on Nancy fantasy sex doll.

  • Jolyne Sex Doll – Epic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures in Bed

    This Jolyne sex doll captures her look from JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. Her wild and awesome hair, sexy lips, and iconic outfit are spot on! Ensuring that you will actually feel like you are getting it on with THE Jolyne! Jolyne looks and feels amazing. She has a great body and natural-looking breasts. Jolyne’s designed skeleton allows her to pose in any exotic and wild position. Embrace the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with our Jolyne. This amazing masterpiece has realistic features like semi-dark nipples and green lips. It will take you on a journey of pleasure and adventure. Our Jolyne Sex Doll brings JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fantasy to reality. This exceptional doll combines exquisite craftsmanship with the sensuality you’ve been yearning for.

  • Christine is a 140CM sex doll that is realistic!

    Christine is the ideal 140CM sex doll if you want a petite, but still sexy with a great body sex doll. She has an amazing body that features a slender waist, perfect legs, and a epic set of huge breasts. Christine is not all looks! Her skeleton allows for all kinds of positions! Plus, Christine came to life with a very special kind of material. Which makes her sexy tanned skin feel as close to the real thing as possible. If you want to boost your confidence in the bedroom, consider a sexy 140cm sex doll. Christine is the banging partner you have been dreaming of!

  • High End Sex Dolls – Quality Love Dolls

    Our high end sex dolls can be customized to taste by selecting from various skin color, eye color, inner heating. Plus so many other options to make perfect high end sex dolls of your dreams. High end sex dolls can be expensive and costly, but not Tebux dolls. Miriam is a realstic sex doll made with premium TPE material specially designed for your pleasure. She comes with lingerie and a manual as well for ultimate pleasure. Save today with Tebux.

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  • Lauren is the Best Sex Doll with a Sexy Banging Body!

    Lauren is regarded as the best sex doll as she has the perfect sculpted body you have ever seen! Her tiny waist, toned legs, perfect butt, and those amazing boobs make her the ultimate dream woman. She has a cute, but sexy face and she feels so lifelike thanks to her realistic feeling skin. Lauren isn’t just pretty – her special skeleton lets her pose in freaky positions! Lauren is here to rock your world and it is so easy to see why she is the best sex doll for so many people. You can have many awesome experiences with her. She won’t judge you, reject you, or have a headache. When you want to rock, she is always ready! If you want to go beyond, try customizing her in different ways. However, be careful, as this may make her even more tempting to you!

  • Bring the sexy side of Attack on Titan to life with this Mikasa Sex Doll!

    Attack on Titan is one of the best anime around and this Mikasa sex doll looks like she leaped from the screen. Mikasa is a strong and attractive woman who can fulfill your sexual desires. You don’t need to fight any giants to be intimate with her. Experience a thrilling world that combines Attack on Titan with your greatest desires. There is a good reason why Mikasa is so popular! She is beautiful and one of the most attractive anime girls. That will amaze you as soon as you take it out of its discreet, but tough packaging! Experience complete satisfaction with the Mikasa Sex Doll.

  • Sex Dolls For Men – Female Love Dolls

    April is one of our attractive sex dolls for men who can help to improve your sexual performance by allowing you to incorporate various techniques with her. By experiencing several sex styles and also learning how to breathe and thrust properly while having sex, thus enabling a satisfying sexual experience. If you have ever wanted a high quality sex doll for men, then look no further- April is one of the best male sex toys on the market. April is a horny redhead built with the highest grade material for your sexual pleasure.

  • Carmen is a Hot Sex Doll who is pure fire in the bedroom!

    You do not get much hotter than the bombshell hot sex doll that is Carmen. She has a bit of a military babe vibe about her. She has a cute, but serious looking face and one of the most sexy athletic bodies you will ever see! Her toned athletic body has not come at the expense of her massive breasts! Carmen feels real because of her skin material. How can you look at that cool smirking smile of Carmen’s and not fall in love…. Or at least lust right away? There is a very good reason why she is one of the best medium sex dolls around! Carmen is a hot sex doll that looks sexy, feels great, and can pose in any sexual position you can think of.

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  • Kenley is a Big Boobs Sex Doll with a porn star look!

    Look at the size of those is what you will say when you see this big boobs sex doll. Kenley is the perfect premium sex doll for you if you want that porn star experience at home. She has a flexible skeleton so you can now do all those epic moves you have seen in your favorite XXX movies! Kenley has an amazing set of boobs that are even more amazing thanks to the special material used. Her skin makes her feel as close to a real woman as possible. Anyone who wants that porn start experience at home is going to love Kenley! She is a big boobs sex doll that is going to allow you to have all kinds of epic XXX fun. You can practice cool moves you’ve seen in videos and feel like it’s the real thing! This is a high end sex doll that looks perfect as is. But you can even have some extra fun by taking advantage of some of the customization options she has!

  • Ashlyn is a Real Life Sex Doll who will drive you wild!

    If you want a real life sex doll that looks, feels, and can move like a real woman, Ashlyn is the lady for you. She has breathtaking beauty that gives her a real dream woman look. Her body is amazing. She has real, toned, and curvy skin. She also has an impressive bust. Ashlyn is always in the mood, unlike a real woman. You can pose her skeleton to your liking. There is no way that the gorgeous, cute, and sexy Ashlyn is not going to blow your mind. Ashlyn is a high-end sex doll, who can make all your kinks and sexual fantasies come true. Ashlyn is one of the best real life sex dolls. Live out any XXX dream with her!

  • Daisy is the ultimate Huge Tits Sex Doll!

    With her stunning Asian features, Daisy is a huge tits sex doll that has the largest set of tits around! These things are epic in every sense of the word and you will not be able to keep your hands off Daisy’s body. They don’t only look amazing, but it also feels life-like as well thanks to the real feel material. Daisy is also great in bed too as she is able to pose in any kind of erotic position that you can come up with! A medium sex doll is the perfect way for you to live out all your wildest sexual fantasies! Daisy here is one of the most premier and high end sex dolls around. Plus, those massive boobs make her a special kind of huge tits sex doll! If you ever wanted to bring an anime or video game babe to life, this is how you do it!

  • Teen Sex Dolls – Teenager Love Dolls

    Noa is one Tebux teen sex dolls, with a gorgeous face and a totally killer body. With a body worthy of worship, Noa is the type of girl every man fantasizes about having in his bed for an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a teen sex doll, then you should definitely check out Noa. She is a premium life-size sex doll with a medium breast and made with the best material in the industry. Tebux has the best range of teen sex dolls- check them out today.

  • Amber is the most realistic life like sex doll!

    Looking like a sexy college girl, Amber is the ultimate life like sex doll. She has the most amazing body that features a tiny little waist, but huge boobs and a butt that will never quit. Amber is always going to be in the mood and with her posable skeleton, she can be yours in any kind of position you desire. Best of all, her skin feels as close to the real thing as possible so each session will feel life like! A life like sex doll such as Amber is the ultimate way for you to bring your most wild sexual fantasies to life!

  • MILF Sex Dolls – Mature Love Dolls

    If you’re looking for more exotic MILF sex dolls, Amalia is a Tebux beauty doll with delicate features you’re sure to love. Amalia has an innocent expression and a gentle smile that drives guys wild. Customize Amalia – the ultimate MILF sex doll from Tebux. This blonde beauty is made with the best TPE material and has a metal skeleton so you can move her to whatever position you want.

  • Latina Sex Doll – Exotic Love Doll

    Tiana is a top-class petite latina sex doll with a very special personality. She looks so real that falling in love with her might be inevitable. Our Latina sex dolls are some of the best on the market. Tiana is made with the highest quality TPE material providing you with the most lifelike and the safest sexual experience. She comes with seven free gifts as standard to help you get the most out of your Latina sex doll. Buy Tiana today for the best male sex toy you can buy.

  • Eliza is a gorgeous heated sex doll perfect for hot steamy action!

    With a sexy heated sex doll like Eliza, you can fulfill all your wildest sexual fantasies. Her big luscious lips and enormous breasts give her a stunning look that will drive you wild! She has a sophisticated skeleton that allows her to pose into any XXX position you desire. Plus, her skin feels as close to the real thing as possible to bring your fantasy to life! Eliza is the perfect woman! She is going to make sure you have a lot of XXX fun. But this heated sex doll is also going to be responsible for helping you become more confident in the sack!


  • Cheap TPE Sex Dolls – Affordable Love Dolls

    Olive is a great option from our range of cheap tpe sex dolls with medium breasts that will provide you with the absolute sexual experience. Olive is another of Tebux’s cheap TPE made sex dolls. TPE is a premium material used in our sex dolls to guarantee you the best sexual encounter ever. This industry grade material is the most lifelike and safest, so why not try it today.

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  • Sex Dolls On Sale – Affordable Love Dolls

    Meet Elle, one of our beautiful sex dolls on sale. Every detail on Tebux’s range of sex dolls on sale are carefully executed and you can personalize her by picking from a range of features that is appealing to you. At Tebux we have a 400+ model collection of the latest sex dolls for sale. Pick up a bargain like Ellie who comes made with the best TPE material and a strong but flexible metal skeleton allowing you to move her as you please. check our collection of 400+ dolls.


  • Busty Sex Doll – Big Tits Love Doll

    A busty sex doll figure with an incredibly round butt and big beautiful breasts. Once you run your hands all over Tebux doll Emmeline, you won’t want to stop playing. If you want a busty sex doll, then check out Emmeline today. This life-like, colorful haired sex doll is the best option for the man who wants a high quality sex doll for a cheap price. She comes with free shipping to any destination in the world.

  • Adele is a Premium Quality Cheap Sex Doll!

    Adele is proof that a cheap sex doll can be light on your wallet, but high on quality. With her cute young face and sexy blonde hair, she looks like a babe you would see at the beach. Adele has a tight and toned petite body that makes those huge breasts look epic! Adele loves to have fun and her flexible skeleton allows for any kind of erotic pose you can come up with. She feels great too thanks to her designed realistic feeling skin! While Adele is referred to as a cheap sex doll does not mean that she is lacking in quality! Every effort ensures that Adele is going to blow you away in every way possible!


Showing 1–32 of 36 results

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