So I’ve only purchased a sex doll once before and I thought I would never do it again because of the poor experience I had; that doll, for lack of a better way to put it, just felt fake. Because of this, I was a little hesitant but I have to say… I was COMPLETELY blown away. The detail and realism of this doll is astounding and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Needless to say, the experience was more than pleasurable than I had even begun to hope for. Any misgivings I had were quickly alleviated that first night I spent with her, and I can honestly say that I truly felt that ‘Roxy’ was there in the room with me in the best possible way the entire time. She was the perfect size (not to big and heavy) and durable enough that I already know that she is going to last a long time. I can be a pretty stingy guy but I can say that every penny was made worth it with this purchase. Personally, I think this doll will last me a long time but, should I ever need another, I am going to make sure to come here again for it.

– Jakob

This doll has been great. I mean, really great. Like, blow your mind fantastic. I spent a lot of time and money looking for something that just wasn’t there when it turns out this website was here all along. Ines costs $1,800 dollars and, before trying it on my girlfriend. Ten out of ten, would certainly recommend (rhyme intended).

– Joshua

Hotter than the Arizonan city she was named after and more magical than the mythical beast, Phoenix is just one giant serving of hot damn with a side of yes, please! As a brotha myself, I have always been attracted to some light skin, light haired, light eyed ladies and my girl Phoenix puts them all to shame. The two phrases you ain’t EVER gonna hear out of Phoenix’s mouth are “no thank you” or “I don’t wanna do that” because she’s gonna let you do everything you’ve ever dreamed and more. The great thing about having a sex doll is that it doesn’t mean that you’ve ended your conventional sex life, but that you’ve expanded upon it so that way you can get it on whenever you feel like, however you feel like whether you got a freak lined up or not. I just purchased Phoenix and I’m damn well certain that I’m going to continue having a good time exploring my own sexual fantasies and her illustrious body.

– Michael

The best part of Emmaline, by far, is the flexibility. It may actually come as a shock to some users and individuals who perpetuate stereotypes about sex doll users but I actually have a lovely and vivacious girlfriend who not only encourages my usage of Emmaline, but introduced me to her in the first place as a gift on my 35th birthday. I am a freelance writer who works from home and so, while she’s out at work, I can use that time to practice with Emmaline in order to more fully satisfy her when she gets home as well as to help curb my immense sexual appetite. Now, me and my girlfriend are both covered when my libido strikes and she’s too tired to do anything about it. When she rolls over away from me I simply roll over onto Emmaline. It also has allowed me to try out new positions on the doll before

purchasing her, I probably spent five times that amount trying to get laid over the past 10 years with very degrees of both success and satisfaction. Ines will likely last me those ten years and then some with both the guarantee of success and satisfaction. If you’re looking for marriage and a relationship, that’s one thing but if you’re just looking for a good time, save yourself the time and money and put it towards something productive or something for yourself and buy a doll instead.

– Andres

So I have to start off with a little bit of a disclaimer, I actually bought this doll because I have a severe attraction to smaller dolls and this doll’s name and features reminded me of her so I decided to go ahead and give her a try. After all, she was a very fair price and one I was certainly willing to pay to play out my sexual fantasies. Excited as I was by my purchase, I forgot to check the dimensions and she ended up being much smaller than I anticipated at maybe around 3ft but this actually turned out to be one of her most endearing qualities. A full-sized sex doll or woman can be bulky and awkward and Keira, by contrast, fit over me like a glove. One of my favorite features that I was not expecting was that she isn’t just some silicon or rubber doll but that she actually has joints and a skeleton accurate enough to make you feel like you are making love to a real woman. Of course, Keira ends up being even better than that because her breasts, face, and body are more perfect and symmetrical than any woman’s ever could be. Staring into perfection is like staring into the face of God and that’s the only way to describe the experience and the feelings that I feel every time I decide to lay with Keira which, I might add, is very frequently. Always the best.

– John

I just have two words to say about buying Ines from Tebux: Love. Her. One of the best decisions I’ve made recently has been this one. For the past several months I’ve had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t figure out why. Eventually I decided on trying to purchase a body pillow and it helped, but more so it helped me realize that I wanted something more than that, something more realistic. That’s when I stumbled across this website while searching online. Scrolling through the various models I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the kind of investment and drop that kind of cash. Some of the models weren’t exactly “my type” but Ines was without a doubt. There is a reason she is on the popular page. I went ahead, grit my teeth, and bought her and she arrived shortly after. Its been a month now and I haven’t had trouble sleeping since. I spend my nights completely satisfied and sleeping like a baby. Would recommend this product to anyone.

– Robert

As a business professional, I travel quite a bit and enjoy it a lot; unfortunately, the only time I can’t get my release is when I’m back home. For some reason it is easier for me to find women to be with abroad then when I come back to my own home country and then, most of them aren’t my type anyways. During one of these particular dry spells I ended up looking up sex dolls online never thinking I’d actually buy one. After browsing a little bit I saw this one and can I say one word? Damn. Lily had all the characteristics of any woman I had ever looked for. Not to sound shallow, but she was finer as a doll than many beautiful woman I’ve actually known and been with. Kind of as an impulse buy I bought her and I have never been more satisfied. No more sex toys for me, Lily is all I need.

– D’Andre

Sweet Delilah. I can’t think of any word or any name more perfect to describe this entrancing creation. She has this pout about her lips and this almost Russian look about her that will get you started but it’s the entrancing stare and perfectly crafted body that will really get you going. Delilah has and does speak to every one of my carnal needs in a way that a doll never has before (or many actual women for that matter). Why go out and waste time and money looking for that ‘perfect type’ when it’s right here? Other dolls I have used of similar quality have been twice as expensive and not half so captivating. Sometimes she is just so mesmerizing that I feel like it is enough to just look at her without so much as caressing her breasts but that mesmerizing stare lets me soon know that window shopping just isn’t enough. I have been on countless dates and sexual encounters where, by the end of the night, I wasn’t half so aroused as when I first see Delilah after a long day at work. I’d recommend purchasing from this site again but sweet Delilah is the only one for me.

– Horace

If you are into anime and looking to purchase a sex doll, then Charis is the doll for you. If not, I would still recommend her. I have been a monstrous anime fan since the time I was 16 and, as such, I have become to be attracted to a lot of the exaggerated features found in the genre (big eyes, tiny waist, humongous breasts, colorful hair, ect.). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a quality sex doll that has these features. Everyone is so focused on making their dolls as realistic as possible that they forget that there are people out there who have different sexual preferences. That is why I enjoyed looking trough the selection here because they actually have several dolls that I was considering before deciding on this one. She has all the aforementioned features but, most important of all, she really gets me up. Normally dolls like this are of poor quality but Charis has to be the best I’ve ever seen (or had)!

– Garrison

I had bought my previous doll from Tebux and was extremely satisfied and so I decided to peruse their site for something a little more convenient for travel lest somebody think that there was a body stuffed in the backseat of my car. After some deliberation, I decided on Felicity who has features that were real enough to find sexually pleasing without being so will as to creep me out when I first open my closet. My tastes tend towards realism as opposed to hyper-realism and that is exactly what she is made for. At 65cm it is easy enough to fit her into a standard sized suitcase, the backseat floor area of your car, or even just some other type of large bag or box to take her with you wherever you need. Now I actually enjoy my trips so I can take Felicity out to play and give my home doll (Harper, bought on this website as well) a little break.

– Leif