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Quick Overview: Medium sized dolls are a perfect in-between, if you like your dolls not too big or not too small, our medium dolls strike a perfect balance. Built from the finest of materials, her skin is soft to touch and every feature is focused on realism. Our TPE medium dolls are very customizable. There are a plethora of options to help put together the doll of your dreams. You can be rest assured that all your sexual fantasies will be satisfied.

Material: Involving the outer appearance, all of these seductive angels feature realistic skin created out of the finest thermoplastic elastomer substance, which provides an exceptional sensitivity whenever you use them. Their inner structure is made from durable metals making them highly resistant to stress and strain. Their skeleton also provides a wide range of adjustability, so you can easily change her position.

Sculpture: Their inner structure is created with a powerful skeleton, therefore ensuring great resistance and tolerance. They are very adjustable to suit soothing and ranging positions. If you wish to feature additional distinctness to your sensual dreams.

Posture: They have superb curves and features to arouse the joy inside you and deliver you an impeccable sexual experience. Their life-like body structure is easily adjustable to the positions you desire owing to their absolutely adjustable body components.

Erotic Fantasies: Sexy medium love dolls have all her orifices waiting for you to do as you please. Unleash your fantasy any time of the day.

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