Ashley – Custom Sex Doll

Ashley – Custom Sex Doll


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    Eye Color
    Breasts Style
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Ashley’s Custom Sex Doll: Your Dream Doll Awaits


Advantages and Features of Small Sex Dolls (148cm)

  • Small Sex Dolls such as Ashley are designed with a compact size, making her highly versatile and perfect for various settings, like being great travel companions or collectibles for smaller display spaces.
  • She is lightweight, making her easy to handle and pose, which is ideal for dynamic photography or interactive play.
  • She can be Customized with different hairstyles, facial expressions, and outfits to make her uniquely yours and show off her individuality.
  • Despite her smaller size, Small Sex Dolls boast intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail, featuring realistic facial features, articulation, and high-quality materials, giving her a captivating and lifelike appearance.
  • Collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the charm and uniqueness of smaller-scale dolls will find these Small Sex Dolls appealing, offering a specialized niche in the doll community.


 Tebux Dolls at Your Service

  • Turn Your Dreams into Reality: Let your imagination run wild with our amazing customization options, allowing you to create unique dolls just the way you want them. Experience the excitement of turning fantasies into real-life wonders!


  • Unmatched Realism: Our Tebux dolls have an exclusive lifelike skin that feels incredibly authentic. Get ready for an extraordinary sensory experience that brings your fantasies to life like never before.


  • Natural Poses and Movements: Thanks to our sturdy metal skeletons, Tebux dolls effortlessly maintain natural poses and movements. Enjoy seamless interactions and immersive experiences that feel remarkably real, all thanks to our innovative engineering.


  • Rigorous Testing for Your Happiness: We are dedicated to quality, and each Tebux doll undergoes extensive testing to ensure top-notch performance. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


  • Bonus Gifts for Your Convenience: As a token of appreciation, we offer seven free gifts, including essential cleaning tools. We believe in providing a complete package that enhances your ownership experience, making it even more enjoyable and stress-free.



148cm-Small-breast Sex Doll Measurements

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