Annabel – Brunette Sex Doll
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Annabel – Brunette Sex Doll



Annabel is a stunning brunette sex doll with sexy Asian features!

Looking like the star from an Asian movie, Annabel is the ultimate brunette sex doll of your dreams. She has stunning Asian facial features. And she has a huge set of breasts that look even more amazing thanks to her small, but toned frame. Her body can pose in all kinds of hot erotic positions. And that soft and real feeling skin is going to make each sexual encounter feel like you are with a real life woman. Only Annabel will never say no! If you have always dreamed about having a sexy Asian babe who always wants to have sex. The hot brunette sex doll, Annabel is the Asian girl of your dreams!

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Annabel is the perfect Asian brunette sex doll!

Annabel is a cute, but also very sexy petite Asian sex doll. She is also the hottest brunette sex doll around! She has a very cute and young looking Asian face. Like a girl that you would meet in the college library or the bar when she is looking to embrace her naughty XXX side!


More Than A Handful!

While Annabel is the ultimate brunette sex doll and will captivate you. She is also rocking a toned body that will drive you wild. She spends a lot of time in the gym thanks to that slender and tight midsection that she has. Her fit legs, sculpted butt, and those large breasts will ensure that you never want to keep your hands off her! She was designed to fulfill the ideal Asian girl fantasy and has lifelike skin. To make that even better, she is as easy to clean and maintain as possible. Meaning more time for getting it on and less time cleaning!


Petite Body Large Sex Drive!

With a petite brunette sex doll like the sexy Annabel, she is not a babe who is trying to get by with her looks! Annabel has a very high tech skeleton under her soft real feeling skin. This means that she can embrace her wild side as you have fun putting her into all kinds of positions. You can just stick with your favorites or have her help you learn a few new tricks. And moves that will make you a more skilled performer in the bedroom! Annabel is always going to be down for whatever it is you want to do with her! She is never going to give you any lame excuse on why she does not want to do it with you! She is there whenever you want her and she will always have a sexy and welcoming look on her face.


Brunette Sex Doll Features

  • Our petite dolls are small and light, making them easy to handle and store.
  • These dolls are the tiniest in our collection. Catering to fans that like smaller details.
  • The dolls have a charming and delicate look, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Although she is small, she has a lifelike face and detailed body design. The materials used are premium quality.
  • Make your petite sex doll unique with our 50 customization options.


Tebux – Fantasy made Reality

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138cm-Medium-breast Sex Doll Measurements