Skyler – Life Like Sex Dolls

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Are you looking for life like sex dolls to fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies? Meet Skyler, one of Tebux's life like sex dolls who is ready to give you that sensational sexual feeling like no other. Buy your own life-size sex doll today at Tebux. Skyler is one of our premium models and will provide you with a truly unique sexual experience. She has a medium bust and stands 158cm tall and even comes with a array of customization such as eye and fingernail colour. Buy a life-size doll from Tebux now and save. 158cm-Medium-breast Sex Doll Measurements

Skyler – Life Like Sex Dolls


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    Eye Color
    Breasts Style
    Nipple Color
    Nipple Size
    Labia Color
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    Pubic Hair
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Skyler – Life like sex dolls

Are you looking for someone to fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies? You came to the right place. Let us introduce you to Skyler, one of our life like sex dolls who is ready to give you that sensational sexual feeling like no other. Skyler is a uniquely medium size TPE love doll with big breasts. Every detail is carefully implemented, and you can personalize her by picking from a range of features that is appealing to you. You have options to select boobs color, pubic hair and color, nails, and heating option. She will let you penetrate her in any way you desire – oral, anal and vaginal.

Once you take her home, you shall not regret it, as she knows how to give you more fantasies and pleasures. You may have seen many life like sex dolls, but Skyler is a package. She is mood lifter and erotic lover. She loves to be explored in different ways, as she is energetic and kinky in bed. Skyler wants to have countless special sexual experiences with you. Her sexy breasts will lure you into licking and sucking her nipples before penetrating her in any of her three holes when you are fully aroused.

Overview Life Like Sex Dolls

This Sex Doll is a human-like real medium sized sex doll which is perfect in-between. If you do not like big and small dolls, our medium dolls strike a perfect balance. This TPE doll originates from the finest of materials. You can touch her soft skin and every of her feature focuses on realism. And therefore stands out among all and she has all it takes to satisfy any sexual urge. You can’t resist her natural big tits, killer feminine curves, and her big booty. Our TPE medium dolls are very customizable. There are plenty of options that can help you put together the doll of your dreams. She will satisfy all your sexual fantasies, without any worry.

Material: Talking about the outer appearance, all of these seductive angels feature realistic skin. The material provides an exceptional sensitivity whenever you use them. Their inner skeleton is made from durable metals, making them highly resistant to strain. So you can easily change her position.

Sculpture: We created the inner structure of our dolls with a powerful skeleton. We also ensure there is great resistance and tolerance. They are very adjustable to suit creative positions. If you wish to feature additional distinctness to your sensual dreams.

Posture: They have the right curves and features to arouse the joy inside you. They deliver you an impeccable sexual experience. Their realistic body structure is easily adjustable to the positions you so much desire. You can easily adjust all of her body components because you own them all. You have absolute control over all of those components.

Erotic Fantasies: Our sexy medium love dolls have all her options waiting for you. You can do as you please, when you are with them. Unleash your fantasy any time of the day.

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