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Welcome to Tebux, if you are looking for a high-quality love doll, then you’ve come to right place. We have a collection of more than 500 sex dolls for sale, all different models of the finest sex dolls. And every single model is customizable to your liking for the ultimate fantasy.

Endless Customization

Here at Tebux we really value a unique sexual experience- one which is individually tailored to your liking. That is why, on all of our 500+ sex dolls, we have a huge range of options available. To truly design your own specific sex doll and make fantasies come true. Such customizable parts are: eye colour, skin colour, internal heating option. nail colours, different areola and labia colour, different pubic hair, different type of vagina’s and even standing feet. All of these options create the perfect sexual fantasy you will want to come back to again and again.

Quality Fantasy

Our models are built with top quality, skin-like patented TPE materials. Combined with two heating options, for a realistic experience. We manufacture the best sex dolls, which are made with the safest of materials. The porous skin of our dolls work perfectly combined with the heating options for the ultimate fantasy. Plus the steel skeleton & body joints will make any position possible. We focus on human touch. Our realistic sex dolls will feel as life-like as possible, providing the ultimate sexual fantasy.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Nowadays with big packages, prices and delivery are costly. Due to specifications and size, love dolls are often expensive and shipping methods are a big factor. However, here at Tebux it does not matter what love doll you buy. We guarantee it is the best price and will be delivered to you no matter where you live. Our sex dolls come in a discreet package, plus you can track that package right to your door for peace of mind. Also the courier services we use are DHL and FedEx ensuring a reliable service and good quality delivery.

Sex dolls for sale – Lowest Price Guarantee

We offer the highest quality sex dolls at the cheapest prices- why not browse and find the sex doll of your ultimate fantasies. We have over 500 models, simply look at the menus above. And for any questions please contact us- we would love to hear from you.

Another changeable option with our sex dolls is the size. We have six different sizes of sex doll ranging from tiny all the way to life size. This allows you the option of our sex dolls regardless of the space that you have or the kind of sex doll you are after. For example, our smaller sex dolls would be best for the customer who has limited space, limited time to clean them or simply likes a smaller sex doll. Our larger models are ideal for someone who would like a life-size doll, with space to store her and time to look after her.

You could pick up a high quality sex doll for as little as $999. In fact, we are so confident in our prices that if you see the same TPE doll on another site for a lower price, please contact us and we will deal with the issue.  But that is not all- with any sex doll purchase you make with us you can expect to receive a free package to help you fully enjoy your TPE made sex doll. The package comes with lingerie, a user’s manual, gloves, a cleaning kit and a heating element. This is available across the board with all 500+ products and are together so you can have the best sexual experience with our dolls.

The texture and its flexibility give a real-life feeling that you can ever imagined. We also offer two heating options for the ultimate experience. Not only that, but our dolls are made using a jointed metal frame allowing you to move and change your sex doll into the position you want. As always with TPE sex dolls, this feature is standard across all 500+ dolls ensuring the ultimate sex doll experience regardless of the model.

Due to the high quality patented TPE material. We can provide, our sex dolls are temperature resistant stopping any deformation of the doll and insuring that the sex doll maintains the high standards we expect at Tebux.

Another common issue with sex dolls is the smell- especially after consistent use. Well thanks to our industry leading TPE material this is no longer an issue. Matched with our free cleaning kit provided to you with every purchase, do not let smell put you off our outstanding product range.

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