Who Invented The Sex Doll – Evolution to a Fullbody Love Doll


Sex dolls have caused quite a stir in the sex toy industry over the past decade. They have become extremely popular, especially among men, and the sales of these sex dolls have increased rapidly. Before we get into the historical origins of the sexual dolls, let’s first explain what they really are and what they are all about.


What is a Sex doll?

A sex doll, also called an inflatable doll or fullbody love doll, is basically a kind of anthropomorphic sex toy. What exactly does anthropomorphic mean? It is in fact the attribution of human qualities and emotions to a non-human thing. Therefore, we can say that a sexual doll is a toy that is modeled after the shape and type of the human body. They also come in different sizes and shapes. Love dolls consist of a whole body with a face or just a head, pelvis and genitals. They may have detachable parts that use electronics specially to perform the function of vibration to provide the person using them with a lifelike and intimate experience. They differ from fleshlights/dildos in that they are usually made for more complex interactions with their human users.


Small Love Dolls

Rosalie – Small Love Dolls



The first record of what we might call an ancestor of the modern fullbody love doll or sex doll is the story of Prince Pygmalion and Galatea first published in the year 8 AD. He had a passion for sculpting and made a statue of a beautiful woman that he fell in love with. He talked to her, dressed her, petted her, brought her presents and even made her his bedfellow. A sacrifice to Aphrodite and a passionate kiss later she came to life and they lived happily ever after. The story starts with the line ‘I want to talk about shapes that change into new bodies’, which a few thousand years later turns out to be a good summary of the evolution of the fullbody love doll over the years.


Sex dolls on ships

The concept of sex dolls is not entirely new. They have always existed in some form in the past for a very long time. The sex doll is considered a product of the French and Spanish sailors and was intended as companion during their long sea voyages. The concept made its appearance in the 17th century and the dolls were initially made of textiles before switching to leather and rubber and different fabrics. These sex dolls were in fact the forerunners of the ones in use today.



Brittany – Who Invented The Sex Doll



Dutch Wives


The Dutch introduced the Japanese to these dolls in the mid-19th century. They used to sell these dolls to Japanese who were in love with them, which is why the fullbody love dolls in Japan are still called Dutch Wives. At the beginning of the 20th century, the fullbody love doll was mainly manufactured from rubber and widely traded. Especially in France the trade in sex dolls was very lively and the first sex dolls manufactured were therefore ‘Made in France’.


Fullbody love doll History


The first fullbody love doll / fullbody love doll was born in Austria in 1918 as a result of the broken relationship of the artist Oskar Kokoschka with the composer Alma Mahler. Obsessed with his ex-lover, Kokoschka had his tailor, Hermine Moos make a doll that was supposed to resemble Mahler while he was in Dresden. Although he wanted it to be modeled after Alma and receive his affection, the “Alma doll” failed to satisfy Kokoschka was eventually burned in the garden during a party.


However, real progress was made by Hans Bellmer, a German surrealist. His sex dolls or sex dolls became extremely popular in the mid-1930s, which is why he is also known as the father of modern sex dolls. He had created three dolls that were highly sophisticated and ahead of their time, giving them worldwide recognition.


Carolyn - Who Invented The Sex Doll

Carolyn – Who Invented The Sex Doll


Legend has it that during World War II, Hitler ordered sex dolls to be supplied to soldiers on the front lines in hopes of preventing them from indulgence in their lust for non-Aryan women. It must be said that this story has never been confirmed.


However, the real progress took place in the 1970s, The invention of vinyl, latex, and later silicone revolutionized the industry as sex dolls became much more realistic.. Since then, a lot has been invested in the look and feel of the sex doll and it is mainly made of silicone and the high-quality TPE (silicone replacement from the medical industry) is the latest material used extensively in production.


In 1987, a consignment of sex dolls was seized by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Service in Great Britain. The law underlying this confiscation was abolished after a lengthy legal battle developed between the British government and the company that brought the case to the European Court of Justice. Britain was therefore asked to lift the restrictions that resulted in the abolition of the law.


Scarlet - Who Invented The Sex Doll

Scarlet – Who Invented The Sex Doll


Sex Robot


Electronics further made them futuristic and much more real. Especially the introduction of vibration functions made them more and more enjoyable and intense. The first sex dolls with artificial intelligence (sex robots) are now a fact, but still far too expensive. We do expect that this will become the long-term trend and that the costs of this will fall sharply in the next ten to twenty years.


Modern sex dolls are made of high quality silicone and TPE and are completely safe to use. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. In fact, the whole customization experience has made them even more popular because the people can live out their fantasies with these male sex dolls without much effort. Times have changed and this is definitely the era of Tebux sex dolls.



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