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In this article we go through some different options you can choose from when customizing your love doll. What are the pro’s and con’s of a built-in or removable vagina and are standing feet worth the extra cost of your sexy doll price? We also go through built-in heating and a external heating source.


Table of contents:

  • Intro
  • Which is better: a fixed or removable vagina?
  • Standing sex doll feet – is it worth the extra cost of a sexy doll price?
  • Internal heating or a USB heater?



Which is better: a fixed or removable vagina?


When you decide to buy a sex doll, many questions come to you. Do you opt for a fixed, built-in vagina or a removable vagina?


How to choose the right vagina for your sexy doll

When purchasing a sex doll, it is important to ask yourself which type of vagina you prefer. This configuration option cannot be changed afterwards. With each model you can choose from a fixed (= built-in) vagina and a removable vagina. Below we give a short explanation about both options and what the advantages and disadvantages are.


Fixed Vagina

A fixed vagina is permanent and part of the sexy doll itself. This vagina option is designed to fit your sex doll perfectly. A fixed vagina is extremely realistic and has a particularly tight structure. A fixed vagina also has a lifelike design.


Removable Vagina

A removable vagina is not permanent and you can remove it from your sex doll. You can recognize this vaginal option by a removable sleeve, which is made of soft and stretchy material. A removable vagina is less realistic and tight.


Tifa - Anime Sex Dolls

Tifa – Anime Sex Dolls


What you didn’t know about a fixed vagina

Many people think that a fixed vagina is less easy to clean than a removable one. Is this correct? It used to be quite a job to hygienically clean a fixed vagina. It was necessary to drag the sex doll to the bathroom in its entirety. You can imagine that this was a time-consuming and heavy activity. Nowadays, with today’s accessories, this is no longer necessary.


It is a misconception that a fixed vagina is less easy to clean than a removable one. You can rinse the vagina of your sex doll quickly and easily with a vaginal douche.


With a vaginal (intimate) douche you can clean a permanent vagina in no time: you rinse the vagina clean quickly and easily. This makes a fixed vagina just as easy to clean as a removable one. In fact, with a vaginal douche you achieve a twofold effect: you clean the vagina hygienically and you avoid a lot of tinkering. Removing and (re) inserting a removable vagina can be quite a task.


Selena - Flat Chest Sex Doll

Selena – Flat Chest Sex Doll


Tip: Always dry the vagina of your sexy doll well with a ‘microfibre cloth’. This is a very soft cloth that you can easily insert into the vagina. Let the cloth sit for a few minutes to fully absorb the moisture.


Why we prefer a fixed vagina

Almost all sex dolls we sell have a fixed vagina. That is not without reason. A fixed vagina is the most realistic and has a particularly tight structure. Are you looking for the most realistic experience? Then always opt for a fixed vagina.


With a removable vagina, the vagina can be replaced over time. Sounds nice right? First ask yourself if you think this is really necessary. With normal use, a fixed vagina is not easily damaged and if this does happen, it is often easy to repair


Astrid - Sexy Doll Price

Astrid – Sexy Doll Price


Standing sex doll feet – is it worth the extra cost of a sexy doll price?


A sex doll with a standing function is often more expensive than a sex doll with a normal feet. Is this option worth the extra cost of a sex doll price or can you do without it? Below we describe the advantages and disadvantages of each option for you.


Quick overview:

An important choice you have to make when buying a sexy doll is whether you choose a standard feet or a standing feet. A standing feet is equipped with special reinforcing bolts. This allows the feet to support the entire body weight of the sex doll. This prevents the skeleton from falling down when the sex doll is upright (and leads to permanent damage to the skeleton and feet). In other words: a standing feet is a feet with a standing function.


Standard feet


A standard feet is cosmetically the best and a great option for a lot of people. The feet feels velvety soft and skin-like, just like a real human feet. Furthermore, a standard feet is not fitted with metal bolts. This provides a more natural look.


The downside is that a sex doll with a standard feet cannot stand. This can be a disadvantage if you want to use a sexy doll as a fashion model. But a sex doll with a standard feet is also less easy to handle in moving the doll. But for a lot of people standard feet are perfectly fine and not worth the extra sexy doll price.


Chanel - Sexy Doll Price

Chanel – Sexy Doll Price


Standing feet


4 benefits of a standing feet Sex Dolls


  1. A standing feet is stronger

When moving your sex doll you can hardly avoid putting the doll upright. A sex doll with a standard feet, also called a ‘normal feet’, cannot stand. This is because a standard feet cannot support the full weight of the sex doll. If you put a sex doll with a standard feet upright, the feet will be irreparably damaged. A standing feet makes it possible to put your sexy doll upright. The feet is provided with an internal reinforcement and metal bolts, which reduces damage to the feet. We therefore recommend that you always opt for a standing feet.


Always put your sex doll against something. A support, for example in the form of a wall or closet, provides the sex doll with balance and reduces the risk of falling.


  1. More variety in sex positions

Being able to stand in a sex doll offers advantages during sexual intercourse. If you want to try out a different position during sex, this can be quite a challenge with a sex doll with a stand. Changing position is tiring for your back and shoulders, and demands a lot from your balance and muscle strength. A standing feet offers the possibility to put your sexy doll upright, without the doll’s feet being damaged. Being able to stand your sex doll also offers more possibilities for exciting positions. Sex in the missionary position is the most classic and popular sex position. But the possibilities are of course endless.


Mikayla - Sexy Doll Price

Mikayla – Sexy Doll Price


  1. Posing standing in photos

A sex doll with a standing feet can not only sit and lie, but also stand upright. The way a sex doll poses makes a lot of difference to the end result. A sex doll can of course be photographed sitting or lying down, but being able to stand certainly has added value. For the perfect photo, a sexy doll can best pose standing up. Besides being a less static portrait, the body of a sex doll looks the most natural in this way.


Use a non-slip mat when showering. A non-slip mat makes smooth surfaces non-slip, so that the sex doll can slip less quickly.


  1. It makes showering easier

Being able to stand for a sex doll offers advantages while showering and/or bathing. Moving a sex doll with a ‘normal’ feet is not (always) easy. You have to be careful that you do not put your sexy doll upright during washing. A standing feet makes showering easier, because the sex doll can stand. This is less stressful for your neck, shoulder and back. When you put your sex doll against something, you can sit next to it while you wash her lower body.

A standing feet is cosmetically less beautiful than a standard feet. The feet is equipped with reinforcing metal bolts, which makes for a less natural look. This is not always a disadvantage, especially when your sex doll has socks or shoes on.


Olive - Sexy Doll Price

Olive – Sexy Doll Price



Internal heating or a USB heater?


Internal heating is quite a costly sex doll price upgrade, so is it worth the investment?


When it comes to sex dolls, realism is key. A big part of creating a lifelike experience is making sure the doll feels like a real person. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding heat to the doll. Both internal and external heating options are available for sex dolls, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Internal heating is the process of heating up the core of the doll. This option is usually built into the doll, using electrical components to warm up the materials. Internal heating can be controlled through an app or remote, allowing you to set the temperature to your desired level. This option is perfect for those who want a realistic, lifelike experience, as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire doll.


However, internal heating can be expensive, and there is the risk of damage if the electrical components are not handled properly. Additionally, some people are concerned about the safety of internal heating, as there is the potential for electrical malfunction or fire.


Skyla - Sexy Doll Price

Skyla – Sexy Doll Price


External heating, on the other hand, involves using external heating elements, such as blankets or heating pads, to warm up the doll. This option is often more affordable and does not carry the same safety risks as internal heating. However, the heat is not evenly distributed, which can affect the overall realism of the experience.


Ultimately, the choice between internal and external heating comes down to personal preference and budget. For those who want the most realistic experience possible, internal heating may be the way to go. But for those who are on a budget or who prefer a safer option, external heating may be the best choice.


Regardless of the heating option you choose, it is important to follow all safety instructions and manufacturer guidelines. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your sexy doll will also help ensure its longevity and



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