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Sex Doll Head & Sex Doll Clothes Tips


It is not always easy, choosing sex doll clothes. Shoes that are just a little too tight, too little stretch, but also: the leaving behind unsightly stains due to dark clothing. With these 3 fashion tips you dress your sex doll hip and seductive.



Table of contents


– Intro

– Sex doll clothes

– Fashion tips and style advice for your sex doll

– The best sex doll accessories

– Sex Doll head Makeup for beginners


Adriana - Sex Doll Head

Adriana – Sex Doll Head


Sex Doll Clothes tips


Tip 1: Skin-colored tights under a dark outfit

Sex doll clothes, and certainly seductive and well-fitting clothes, bring out the best in your sex doll. However, there is always the risk of staining with clothing in dark shades, no matter how well you wash the outfit. Fortunately, you can still dress your sex doll in a black pencil dress with confidence thanks to a simple and cheap trick. All you need for this is skin-colored tights. Do you want to put on your sex doll a black or dark colored outfit? Make sure you wear skin-colored tights underneath this outfit. Make sure that the tights completely cover the skin, otherwise you still run the risk of staining. We recommend that you buy a size larger pantyhose for extra convenience and comfort.


Tip 1: Neutral shades

We start with the color of the sex doll clothes. It is sometimes underestimated, but this is perhaps the most important when choosing an outfit. Preferably choose neutral and light colours, such as shades of white, pastel colors and/or warm colours. These colors keep the portrait fresh and calm. Do not opt ​​for bright or neon colors; these quickly curse with the environment. Dark colors are fine, but take into account the risk of color transfer.


Tip 2: The law of simplicity

Do not opt ​​for clothing with colorful (graphic) prints and striking motifs. Floral motifs, checks and animal prints make the portrait very busy. And they steal the attention from what it’s all about: your fashion model! With an outfit in a solid color you let your sex doll look its best without the attention being distracted by the outfit. Instead of a striking print, you can also opt for an outfit with only one colorful detail.



Tip 3: Shop fashion for small(er) women

Most sex dolls are slimmer and smaller than the average woman. Therefore, finding well-fitting sex dolls clothes is not always easy. Pants are often too long and sweaters are often oversized. In addition, children’s clothing is often not suitable, because sex dolls often have a larger bust and/or buttocks. Fortunately, there are more and more budget brands and webshops that sell clothing for the small(er) woman. You can shop for clothes with shorter sleeves and pants. In addition, the clothing is proportionally smaller. For example, the trouser size is slightly narrower around the hip and thigh, and the waist falls slightly lower. This works wonders for the silhouette of your sex doll. In general go for XS or S sizes.


Tip 4: Focus on strengths

An open door, but oh so important. Always match the outfit to the figure of your sex doll. If your sex doll has beautiful buttocks, choose sex dolls clothes that accentuate her derriere, such as a close-fitting dress or push-up jeans. If you want to emphasize the cleavage of your sex doll, opt for a low-cut neckline and classic jewelry.


Aubrie - Sex Doll Head

Aubrie – Sex Doll Head


Fashion tips and style advice for your sex doll



Does your sex doll have an hourglass figure with full breasts, a slim waist and wide hips? Then you may have trouble finding nice and appropriate clothing. Standard women’s clothing is often too tight in the chest area or too wide at the waist. It can then be a good solution to have your sex dolls clothes changed by a tailor. If a top or dress fits well at the breasts but is too loose at the waist, you can take the garment at the waistband. The same applies to pants or skirts that fit nicely at the hips but are too loose at the waist. You can also easily shorten pants or dress that are a little too long. So if you have bought a beautiful piece of clothing that does not fit well, always remember that you can have it entertained.


Which sex dolls clothes suit the figure of your sex doll?


Of course you can buy an outfit that you like. But best of all, an outfit that emphasizes the strengths of your sex doll’s figure. Which outfits are best for you? Well, you can read that in this blog!


Discover the figure type of your sex doll

Have you bought a sex doll and do you want to know which sex dolls clothes look the best? We help you choose the right outfits. But first things first: what is the figure type of your sex doll? There are an infinite number of figure types that can be distinguished. That makes buying a flattering outfit even easier.


A form-fitting dress or a wrap dress? What should you pay attention to when dressing your sex doll? Whatever clothing you buy, always consider the figure type of your sex doll. With our tips and advice you will get the best out of your sex doll!


Chiara - Sex Doll Head

Chiara – Sex Doll Head



A sex doll with an hourglass figure symbolizes pure femininity. The body is perfectly proportioned: slim with curves in the right place. Emphasize the figure with an hourglass with perfectly fitting outfits. It is better not to opt for shapeless or loose-fitting clothing, as this hides the beautiful silhouette of an hourglass. Hourglass outfit inspiration: belted dresses, fitted tops and high-waisted skirts. Does your sex doll have a bigger bust? Then consider a top or dress with a lower neck, for example with a V-neck or round low neck.



An almost invisible waist, straight hips and few breasts and buttocks: a straight figure can sometimes appear a bit boyish. Nothing could be further from the truth, because a sex doll with this figure is very feminine. Creating volume is important for a rectangle. A pleated dress is flattering, elegant and feminine. Other outfit ideas for a rectangle: an A-line dress and dresses with puff sleeves.


Inverted Triangle

Because of the broad shoulders, straight waist and narrow hips, a sex doll with this figure is sometimes more difficult to dress. Nevertheless, you can create a beautiful, feminine look with the right items. With a sex doll with an athletic figure, the V-neck is her best friend, because it looks great on her! The V-neck emphasizes the feminine side of the figure and makes the shoulders appear less wide. Also beautiful: a belly button sweater that emphasizes her six-pack!



With an apple, most of the volume is around the belly and waist. The legs of an apple, on the other hand, are her greatest pride. With this in mind, there are plenty of items that would flatter an apple figure sex doll. Leather or velvet pants, pants with busy prints or a short skirt… the legs of an apple are definitely worth seeing! Also very beautiful: outerwear that emphasizes the waist. V-neck tops make the upper body pompous, yet are seductive, stylish and/or hip.



The figure of a cello is as sweet as a piece of fruit. A cello has a voluptuous and seductive figure with a full bust, voluptuous buttocks and well-shaped legs. Wrap dresses look fantastic on a sex doll with this figure. Emphasize the waist and opt for a deep cleavage. Also very beautiful: close-fitting dresses with graphic patterns, floral print or panther print. Go for an outfit with a V-neck so that everything is nicely balanced.


Christine - Sex Doll Head

Christine – Sex Doll Head


The best sex doll accessories



The right accessories can give a portrait a huge boost. It is important that you choose the accessories with just as much care as the rest of the outfit. If you’re trying to capture your sex doll as a successful businesswoman, colorful ballerinas can be a strange distraction. Classic accessories, such as pearl or diamond stud earrings, a silk scarf or black pumps, probably add more in this case. Complete your sex doll with the fun and beautiful accessories. From piercings to jewelry and fake nails.


  1. Jewelry

Do you want to give your sex doll a completely different look? Then look for a beautiful necklace or bracelet. A necklace with Swarovski crystals completes the outfit of your sex doll. A beautiful bracelet looks great with a sleeveless top. For example, a charm bracelet, the word says it all, is provided with a charm. For example, you can think of a bracelet with her name, initials or initials.


  1. Piercings

Now that more and more people are buying a sex doll, yours can really stand out. For example with a beautiful belly button piercing. The standard banana, the curved rod with a ball or a nice pendant at the bottom and top. If you really want to stand out: go for a helix piercing. This is a piercing in the top edge of the auricle. Piercings can easily be attached by making a small hole with a sharp needle. Not everyone likes to make a hole in their sex doll. Then take a look at clip-on (fake) piercings. With a clip-on piercing you can create a cool look in no time.


  1. Fake nails

You can vary endlessly with fake nails (also called artificial nails or adhesive nails). French manicure, cheerful colours, psychedical patterns or glitter. Or if you want to stand out in the dark: glow in the dark. At the drugstore and perfumery you can choose from various designs. Or take a look at budget stores and websites online. You can choose from glue-on nails and press-on nails. Glue-on nails are the cheapest and can be attached using nail glue. Press-on nails have a self-adhesive strip, so you can stick them directly on the nails.


  1. Glasses for your sex doll head

Glasses will always be a trend. Glasses are available in different models, shapes and styles. Are you going for rectangular, round, heart-shaped or oval? That’s a matter of taste. For a few bucks you already have nice glasses. There are glasses with transparent lenses, but also with colored or dark lenses. There are also glasses where you can change the lenses. Handy, for example if you have a hard time choosing!


Samra - Sex Doll Clothes

Samra – Sex Doll Clothes


Sex Doll Head makeup for beginners



All our lifelike sex dolls come with semi-permanent sex doll head make-up. Over time, the color and shine of this makeup disappears very gradually. How can you update this sex doll head makeup yourself? And which products are suitable for making up your sex doll? In this article we are happy to help you on your way!


What is semi-permanent sex doll head makeup?

Semi-permanent make-up is – as the name implies – temporary. Over time, the color, shine and intensity of semi-permanent makeup gradually disappears. How quickly the semi-permanent make-up fades depends on the number of brushings, the amount of use and the exposure to external factors (such as sunlight, heat and dirt).


The semi-permanent make-up is waterproof, which means that the make-up is water resistant. On the other hand, who regularly cleans the sex doll and/or often touches the sex doll head, will sooner have to update the make-up such as the eye shadow and lipstick. Fortunately, there are some that will help you refresh your sex doll head makeup in no time.


Work well prepared

Good preparation is half the work. Make sure you have all the tools at home in advance. That means: quite a few cotton pads, an eyebrow pencil, two or more shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. Optionally, you can also purchase a set of fake eyelashes.


Removing the old layers of make-up is possible, but not always necessary. Whether you need to remove make-up residue depends on how beautifully the make-up is still on the sex doll head. You can easily remove leftover make-up with a make-up remover. The disadvantage is that you can unintentionally remove too much make-up, even the layers that are still nicely on it. Want to keep it simple? Then simply apply a new layer over the remaining make-up on the sex doll head.


Summer - Sex Doll Head

Summer – Sex Doll Head


Make up your sex doll head in 3 steps

Making up your sex doll is not complicated, but the trick is to apply the make-up in such a way that it accentuates the strong sides. With our tips, applying sex doll head makeup is a breeze. From drawing the eyebrows to coloring the lips, applying eyeshadow and attaching fake eyelashes. Everything to make your sex doll look its best!


Step 1: Add eyebrows to the sex doll head

The eyebrows largely determine the expression of the sex doll head. That is why it is important to pay extra attention to the eyebrows. To obtain the most natural result possible, draw a few fine hairs with a wafer-thin eyebrow pencil. Do you want the eyebrows to be perfectly symmetrical? Then use eyebrow templates (stencils), plastic molds for coloring and shaping the eyebrows. Make sure that the color of the pencil goes well with the hair color.


Step 2: Make up the eyes of the sex doll head

You can basically go in any direction with sex doll head eye makeup. With the eye make-up you can basically go in all directions. From a deep black smokey eyes to a fine line, bright colors to a no-make-up look. Are you looking for inspiration to make the eyes of your sex doll stand out? Tebux is happy to help you on your way!


  1. Natural Eye Makeup


Natural, warm and soft


Chic deep black eyeliner

Don’t like thick layers of makeup? Make up the eyes of your sex doll with eyeshadow in warm, (red) brown and earth tones. Start by applying a base color, a light and neutral color. Apply this base color all over the eyelid, fading into a slightly darker shade all the way to the end. Make up the lips with a neutral color, for example soft pink or nude.


Do you want to turn your sex doll head eyes on just that little bit more? Then draw a wafer-thin line above and/or below the eye. The eyes appear larger and the eyelashes appear darker. Use a deep black pencil or (liquid) eyeliner to draw a line. For the finishing touch, use a peach or transparent lip gloss.


  1. Striking sex doll head Eye Makeup


Bright colors on the eyelids


The classic smokey eye

If you really want to stand out: experiment with bright pink or purple. Use a natural eyeshadow, for example beige, as a base. Then choose a bright color of your choice, for example bright pink. Apply a light pink color to the eyelid and a dark pink color. Do you want to use a bright color a little more subtly? Then only apply the bright color in the corner of the eye


The classic: the smokey eye! Smokey eyes have a mysterious and sexy look. Outline the eyes with a black eyeliner pencil and blur this line with a brush or cotton swab. Next, apply a deep gray, black or dark brown eyeshadow around the eyes and fade outwards.


Natalia - Sex Doll Head

Natalia – Sex Doll Head


Step 3: Make up the sex doll head lips

Complete the make-up with a nice (liquid) lipstick or lip gloss. Use a small brush to reach all corners, such as the corners of the mouth. There are also special lip pencils for sale that you can use to outline the lips.



Sex doll head lipstick


lip gloss

A lipstick and lip gloss… both lip products, but what’s the difference?


A lipstick often gives a more intense color and stays in place better. It is especially suitable if you like a nice color on the lips. Lipsticks come in different colors, from classic deep red to peach pink, and from coral to light brown.


A lip gloss is less highly pigmented than a lipstick, and mainly gives volume and shine to the lips. Lip gloss is less noticeable than a lipstick, and is suitable if you find a lipstick just a bit too intense. It looks natural and gives your sex doll a youthful appearance.


Making up the lips requires a steady hand and concentration. Instead of a (liquid) lipstick or lip gloss, apply a lip pencil over the entire lips. You can work more precisely with a lip pencil.


Kayleigh - Sex Doll Clothes

Kayleigh – Sex Doll Clothes


Optional: apply fake eyelashes to your sex doll head

You can also apply false eyelashes for an extra beautiful effect. Attaching fake eyelashes is less difficult than it seems. All you need is a set of fake eyelashes, super glue and a small brush. By applying the fake eyelashes with super glue, the eyelashes stick better, so that they come off less quickly. With a brush you can easily dose, apply and spread the glue.



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