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Sex Doll Cost Explained – Buyer Tips on a Full Body Sex Doll


Full body Sex dolls are getting more popular by the day. But this popularity also has its downside. For example, popularity goes hand in hand with scams and cybercrime. This can mean two things: you will never receive the doll or you will receive a copy. How do you avoid buying a fake sex doll? In this article we advice on sex doll cost


In brief

Looking for a reliable full body sex doll. The offer is very diverse, as is the quality. Have you found the sex doll of your dreams, then you would like to know whether this is not a copy or replica. There are thousands of copies of well-known brands in circulation online. A copy is often hundreds of dollars cheaper than an authentic model. But it is of poor quality, does not last as long and is less realistic. Some replica sex dolls are in reality even (partly) inflatable.


The product photo can be just as beautiful, the price just as fine, it is better to let a copy or replica pass you by. What are the disadvantages of a copy or replica? And how do you distinguish real from fake? You can read it all below.


Table of contents:

– Intro

– Buy a cheap full body sex doll?

– Replica sex doll tips

– This is how you avoid a bad buy: 4 tips!

– Be alert for fake online shops in sex dolls

– 9 tips to recognize a fake web shop


Katherine - Sex Doll for Cheap

Katherine – Sex Doll for Cheap


Buy a cheap full body sex doll?



Anyone who decides to purchase a full body sex doll has a certain budget in mind. Sex dolls are regularly offered for an amount of $400 or even less. But yes, will you receive a good quality sex doll?


More and more sex dolls are being sold worldwide and more and more providers are coming onto the market. As a result, prices are under pressure due to fierce competition

Think of: do you want a sex doll with a removable vagina or a fixed vagina? To increase the stress of choice a bit, you are also confronted with enormously different prices. Most sex doll cost are offered in a price range between $750 and $2000, depending on the brand and configuration options. Yet there are also sex dolls with a price tag of $500 and even lower.


Sex doll cost

Before we tell you more about the price-quality ratio of a full body sex doll, let’s tell you more about the elements that influence a sex doll cost:


-Brand status

-Quality of the materials

-The body length and cup size

-The chosen configuration options

-Purchasing strategy seller

-Cost indication average full body sex doll


Trixy - Sex Doll Cost

Trixy – Sex Doll Cost


Replica full body sex doll tips


A sex doll often costs more than you think, so don’t be tempted by unrealistically low prices. Do you want to know what the cost price of an average sex doll is and how this price is built up? With the competitive market you see more and more sex dolls being offered for stunt prices. This does not mean that all these models are copied copies, but keep in mind that the chance is very likely. Is the price catchy to purchase? Then in 99% of the cases it concerns a copy or replica.


A replica is often hundreds of euros less than the authentic one. Sometimes a replica looks exactly like the original model. Sounds nice right? Remember: ‘You get what you pay for.’ A sex doll cost of a fake sex doll is more favourably priced, but as a buyer you also have to accept a number of things. For example, the quality is often poor to very poor. It is also often impossible to ask questions and the (after) service often leaves much to be desired. A replica full body sex doll is designed with cost savings in mind.


Thermoplastic elastomer, abbreviated as TPE, is a skin-like material similar to silicone. Elastomer is very similar in appearance to silicone. But it is less expensive because it can be produced more efficiently. Elastomer exists in various shapes and compositions. This means that the elasticity, softness and realism differ per supplier.


A good full body sex doll is made of high-quality elastomer, which meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. Such elastomers are also used for other applications, such as watch bands, mouthguards and dentures. Unfortunately, in the production of copies, a cheap(er) composition of elastomer has been used. This elastomer is subject to wear and tear and does not offer the longevity.


But that is not everything. Sometimes the elastomer contains substances that are potentially harmful to health, such as plasticizers (read: phthalates) that can invoke a allergic response. Even if you can (try to) hold the webshop liable if the doll is broken after a day: what risks do you want to take with your health?


Adrianna - Full Body Sex Doll

Adrianna – Full Body Sex Doll


The truth about replica sex dolls

It’s tempting to succumb to a very cheap full body sex doll. Understandable, but be aware: cheaper is in many cases expensive. When buying a copy or replica you have to increase a number of things on the purchase. Which? You can read this below.


Thermoplastic elastomer can have different thicknesses. The thickness of the elastomer largely determines the quality. Most copies are made of a (very) thin layer of elastomer. Sometimes the elastomer has such a low density that it is even translucent. This makes the material more sensitive to damage, dirt and/or moisture (mould).


The elastomer of a replica sex doll is often also more rigid, which means that the material feels somewhat stiff. Because cheaper elastomer is less supple and flexible, it is more prone to deformation. In addition, a low degree of flexibility limits the skeletal range of motion. This makes the doll’s joints less easy to position.


Why a replica sex doll is less realistic

The full body sex doll cost difference of a replica sex doll is also reflected in the workmanship and details. The various parts such as the breasts, buttocks and genitals (anus and vagina) are often less realistic. The body feels less soft and supple, the head is less easy to attach and the face is usually not equipped with semi-permanent make-up.


Cheaper elastomer looks less realistic and feels less comfortable. It insulates (body) heat less well, so a replica doll can feel quite cold. Furthermore, cheaper elastomer often has a strong unpleasant chemical odor, which does not go away over time. Need we say more?


Aileen - Sex Doll Cost

Aileen – Sex Doll Cost


This is how you avoid a bad buy: 4 tips!



Distinguish a replica sex doll from a premium full body sex doll. Not impossible, but difficult. In addition to basic things such as the reliability of a (web) shop, there are extra things you can pay attention to when buying a sex doll.


Silicone sex doll

Tip 1: Watch out for high discounts and sex doll cost stunt prices

As we mentioned, the first red flag is a price that is too good to be true. Large price differences can be seen in the total range of sex dolls. There are sex dolls for sale from seven hundred dollar, but also from a few thousand dollars. On foreign websites and e-Commerce platforms, dolls are offered with discounts of up to more than 80% of the recommended retail price. There is a good chance that you are dealing with a replica; so fake. When in doubt, be sure to inquire about additional costs. Remember: are there any additional customs charges?


Tip 2: Research on Google critically

It is not a good idea to read up details of a webshop ‘quickly’. A good way to orient yourself is by looking up the name of the webshop in Google. Is the website not findable via Google? Then don’t buy it. Having a quality mark is a good indication of reliability. So is this all you need to watch out for? No. Unfortunately, this is not enough to determine whether an online store is actually legitimate. Criminals copy everything, including quality marks. Therefore, always go to the website of the relevant quality mark to check whether the webshop is actually affiliated with it. Better safe than sorry.


Tip 3: Read the product description critically

At some webshops, product descriptions are incorrect and/or are completely missing. Remember: What dimensions is the body? And what specifications does the model have (skin color, hair color)? Always be wary if there is only a photo of the product, but no description. Sometimes product photos are shown, but it is not said that it is a copy.


Tip 4: Avoid external sellers via e-Commerce platforms with a lower sex doll cost

Trade in counterfeiting does not only take place via shady or unknown sites, but also via large online stores. There are various popular e-Commerce that sell full body sex dolls really cheap, but keep in mind that they try to sell in bulk. These e-Commerce platforms are often too large to enforce the authenticity of all their suppliers. Do you want to buy something on Always use to filter out unreliable experiences.


Margaret - Asian Sex Dolls

Margaret – Asian Sex Dolls


Be alert for fake online shops in sex dolls


Online shopping fraud is becoming more and more common.


Internet fraud is more common than you think

According to the consumer association, 1 in 5 web shops was fraudulent or fake

Although the average amount of fraudulent web shops on a national level is very high, we expect this to be much higher for erotic articles. After all, who would like to report fraud when purchasing an erotic item?


Check, check, double check

There are more and more fake websites in real-life sex dolls. These rogue web shops are not always easy to recognize. Some fake websites use the internet address containing the name, corporate identity and/or logo of a real web store. On these websites dolls are offered at unrealistically low prices, sometimes with discounts of up to 70%.


The disadvantage is that most of these web shops are only online for a few days to weeks. As a result, they do not appear in the official scam databases. They quickly disappear and then come back under a different name. When you order something from a fake web shop, you will receive nothing or you will receive a counterfeit product.


Do you want to be sure that you are buying an authentic product with a good sex doll cost? Read our tips next:


Christina - Sex Doll Cost

Christina – Sex Doll Cost


9 tips to recognize a fake web shop


No matter how careful you are, web shop fraud can happen to anyone. But you can protect yourself against it. With our tips you can outsmart fake websites. We give you 6 tips and advice to recognize fraudsters.


-Pay close attention to the URL

The URL of a website (or website address) requires extra attention. Fake web shops often use a URL that is very similar to a well-known web shop, but slightly different.


-Missing the ‘s’ in https and the lock in the address bar

Reliable websites always have a lock in the front of the address bar. This means that the information you send is secured. Always keep in mind that this says nothing about the content of the website(s). Criminals can also build websites with this security.


-Language errors

In an unreliable web shop, texts are often created through article spinners. This is a easy quick way to get content on a site, but the readability of articles/blogs is really something to look out for.


-No quality mark

A quality mark such as safe PayPal payments inspires trust. Check with the website of the quality mark whether the web shop is indeed a member.


-60-70% discount on sex doll cost

On fake websites, sex dolls are often offered at unrealistically low prices, sometimes with a 60 to 70% discount. Don’t fall for these stunt prices. These full body sex doll cost less, but it is a major red flag.


-No contact details and only a chat function

It is often impossible to contact untrustworthy websites. Can you only contact via a chat function on the website or by e-mail?


-Account required and only pay in one way

Rogue web shops always want to know a lot about you. You almost always have to create an account at non-reliable web shops to be able to order. You can only pay (in advance) in one way, such as with a credit card. Focus on trusty payments like PayPal.


-The Chamber of Commerce number is missing or incorrect

Always check whether a Chamber of Commerce number is mentioned on the website. And if so: whether it is correct. Some rogue web shops use a Chamber of Commerce number of another company with a similar name.


-The website has been launched very recently

It is suspicious if the web shop has been registered very recently and has been applied for abroad. Therefore, always check when a website has been launched via:


If something is too good to be true, it often is


Jolie - Full Body Sex Doll

Jolie – Full Body Sex Doll


Order Full body sex doll? Beware of counterfeiting!


We understand that it is tempting to buy (at first sight) the same full body sex doll much cheaper elsewhere. But as an old law applies, cheap is almost always expensive! So be careful where you spend your savings. Below we give a number of tips that you should pay attention to. Because before you know it you have ordered a cheap and poor quality fake doll!


Too cheap sex doll cost


Prevent a bad buy? Watch out for the pitfalls below!

  1. Is the webshop an official point of sale? In any case, our webshop is for all our dolls. Also be careful with foreign webshops. These regularly offer unsafe products or fake dolls. In addition, you should take into account that there are additional costs such as import duties and shipping costs with a foreign webshop.


  1. Does the webshop have a quality mark? Our webshop has a quality mark and meets all requirements and official documents.


  1. View the ratings.

Nb. a webshop with only good reviews does not exist and is also not healthy. Go through the reviews and see if there is a good balance between positive and negative reviews, as well as how the webshop responds to them. Also look at the number of reviews. Does a website score a 9.5 with only 1 review or an 8.5 with 100 reviews. Which would you find more reliable?


  1. Are the dolls made of normal TPE or Premium TPE material?

We only supply dolls made of Premium TPE material.


Kaia - Full Body Sex Doll

Kaia – Full Body Sex Doll


  1. What is the skeleton made of and how many joints does the skeleton contain?

Our dolls contain a titanium skeleton with no fewer than 36 different joints. So you can place the doll in many different positions.


  1. Pay attention to the details and check whether the doll in the images is really delivered like this! In any case, you can be sure of that with us.


  1. Pay attention to the sex doll cost. We already mentioned it in the introduction, cheap is often expensive for Full body sex dolls. At first glance, various providers offer the same doll, but the prices can differ considerably. Please note the following:


– Shipping costs and import duties

– Length (longer dolls are of course more expensive)

– Is the doll the same as the one in the pictures

– Quality (skin, details and skeleton). This is well checked by us.

– Brand. Brand dolls are often counterfeited.

– Sex doll cost. Beware of big promotion stunts like 50% off


About brand dolls we make another comment. It is possible that a doll on our webshop has the same appearance as a doll from another brand. This can especially occur with our ‘WM’  models and is due to the fact that these dolls are made in the same factory. As with other consumer goods, a distinction is made between A brands and B brands. Sometimes the product is exactly the same, but you pay more for an A-brand because of the status of the brand.


  1. Discretion and Shipping. How fast will the doll be shipped, with which carrier and will the doll be shipped discreetly. With us you can pick up the doll at a DHL or Fedex collection location (on request) or have the doll delivered to your home. We will contact you prior to shipment to determine the delivery date. The doll is always shipped 100% discreetly. You can even use the box for storage.


  1. Choose a reliable webshop. This is especially useful in case of problems before the purchase, but certainly also afterwards. After-sales service is also important.


Lilian - Full Body Sex Doll

Lilian – Full Body Sex Doll


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