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These are small-sized, pretty and lively sex dolls with very rich features. Each of these sexy sweethearts has her own unique appearances to fascinate you. Featuring an height of 100cm to 136cm, they have bigger curves than the tiny babes. These larger and well-crafted curves and wonderful structures can mesmerize any living human. They are manufactured with the finest materials in order to deliver  countless pleasurable experiences with each and every use.

The outer coating of these love dolls is made with superb quality life-like material, while the body is strengthened perfectly with a steel skeleton.  Depending on your requirements, you can change the posture of these charming models pretty easily, because of their smartly adjustable body parts.

Each model is different from the other because of the variation of the shape of the face, type of the body, hair style, eyes and overall feature set. This particular vividness allows you to be choosy and get the perfect match that provides the ultimate pleasure.

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