Ava - How to Clean a Sex Doll

How to Clean a Sex Doll for the Most Realistic Love Doll


A sex doll (or love doll) comes with a hefty price tag. That is why you naturally want to enjoy your sex doll for as long as possible. Good maintenance contributes to this. How do you maintain your sex doll? And how to clean a sex doll? If you regularly make love with your most realistic love doll, you should of course also clean her regularly. But how do you do that? This question arises regularly and we will now answer it. In this article we talk about how to clean a sex doll in 2 different ways, depending on whether it is a large or local cleaning.



Table of contents:


– How to clean a sex doll

– Golden tips for removing stains from a sex doll

– Storage tips for your sex doll

– Lifting your sex doll


Deborah - Petite Sex Doll

Deborah – Petite Sex Doll


Cleaning your most realistic love doll


Every sex doll needs to be cleaned from time to time. That is better for love doll and of course as hygienic. How often you clean  depends entirely on the frequency of use and the conditions to which you expose your sex doll. You can choose your own antibacterial or regular soap/shower gel, Neutral is recommended. Preferably use a mild soap. Grab a cup or something that allows you to properly pour the soap over your realistic love doll and wash her entire body by hand, DO NOT SCRUB! A soft sponge may be used, then rinse well. Use a small amount of soap.



What do you need?

So how to clean a sex doll? For cleaning & maintaining your most realistic love doll, it is a good idea to purchase the following items:


-Shower gel without perfume and alcohol

-Shampoo and conditioner for damaged or colored hair

-Hair oil or anti-tangle spray


-2 x microfiber cloth (for washing and drying your most realistic love doll)

-plastic bucket

-Wig Stand (very optional)

-Talcum powder


Elle - Sex Dolls on Sale

Elle – Sex Dolls on Sale


How do you clean your sex doll’s body?

An important cleaning job is cleaning the body of your most realistic love doll. We recommend that you clean the body thoroughly every 6 to 8 weeks. You can do this with lukewarm soapy water of a mild antibacterial soap or shower gel. Then rinse the body well with water. Do not use a (scouring) sponge, but a microfibre cloth or a soft washcloth.


Do not brush too hard because you can damage your sex doll and only use mild products. You can recognize these products by terms such as ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ or ‘hypoallergenic’. Gently pat the body of your most realistic love doll dry after washing. Also check that the skin folds are dry, such as the area under the armpits or between the toenails.



Don’t clean your sex doll’s body more than necessary. Excess damages and causes unnecessary wear and tear. Do not dry a sex doll with a heat source or in full sun. This can cause the most realistic love doll’s skin to lose its suppleness.


Estelle - Teen Sex Doll

Estelle – Teen Sex Doll


How do you clean the mouth, vagina and anus of your sex doll?

It is essential to carefully clean the mouth, vagina and anus of your sex doll after each use. Also after using a condom during sex. Sperm remnants that remain in your most realistic love doll are a hotbed of bacteria and fungi. To clean the intimate parts of your sex doll, use a vaginal (or intimate) douche. You do this by filling the bottle with a little lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial soap. By squeezing the bottle you can conveniently inject the solution. The liquid runs out again from below, taking the dirt with it. It is important to repeat rinsing 1 or 2 times with only lukewarm water. This is to prevent soap residue from remaining in your most realistic love doll. Dry the intimate parts extra well with a microfibre cloth.


How do you wash your most realistic love doll’s wig?

It is best to wash the wig of your sex doll as little as possible. Excessive washing of the wig is disastrous for the quality. If the wig is dirty and/or greasy, it is wise to clean the wig. Detangling, cleansing, moisturizing and shaping are the four main things when it comes to maintaining the wig. You can clean the wig with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you rinse the hair well. Let dry at room temperature. When the hair is dry, you can brush and shape the wig the way you want.


Athena - Most Realistic Love Doll

Athena – Most Realistic Love Doll


Taking care of your sex doll

A most realistic love doll is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), giving a sex doll a very realistic appearance, smooth and soft to the touch and very flexible. Regular maintenance of the TPE ensures a longer life of your most realistic love doll. TPE can feel a bit sticky due to lack of maintenance. Therefore, regularly use some talcum powder (baby powder) to keep the skin soft and supple.


Talcum powder is for sale at the (online) drugstore and keeps the skin in good condition. The cheapest private label talcum powder costs a few dollars and serves its purpose well. It is important that the skin is thoroughly dry before applying the talcum powder. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the skin and spread it evenly with a make-up brush.


Skeleton maintenance

The sex doll has a skeleton of strong titanium material. Furthermore, it is equipped with various joints. Some obvious tips:


Do not drop the doll and be careful when lifting.

Do not pull on the doll and certainly not on the limbs.

Be careful with sharp objects. This not only damages the skin, but also the skeleton.

The Sex doll is made for 36 different positions! But let the joints move smoothly. Also change position regularly.


If you want to store your Sex doll for a while, you can lie her down in a natural position on her back. But occasionally move the doll, this is good for the material. Some people also hang the doll in the wardrobe, which is good method.


Diana - Small Sex Dolls

Diana – Small Sex Dolls


Golden tips for removing stains from a sex doll



Nothing is more annoying than an outfit that has left stains on your sexdoll. Therefore prevention is better than cure. But if it does happen, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. What do you do with stains, how do you prevent it and what can you do about it?


How stains arise on your sex doll

The skin of a sex doll is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). It is a material that, as long as it is treated in the right way, will last for years. TPE is subject to various external influences. This is because TPE is slightly porous. Color transfer, also known as the release of dyes, sometimes occurs in sex dolls.


How exactly does this happen? In the production of clothing, furniture and textiles, dyes are added to give the product a color. These dyes can transfer to the ‘skin’ of your sex doll. Dyes form a chemical bond with the TPE, causing the dyes to penetrate into the ‘skin’. In particular, dark and red dyes are easily absorbed by TPE. Especially when a piece of clothing is new, there is a chance that it will stain.


Clarissa - How to Clean a Sex Doll

Clarissa – How to Clean a Sex Doll


What not to do with stains

It can happen to anyone, you bought the sex doll of your dreams and put on a beautiful black dress. But afterwards you will be faced with an unpleasant surprise: the garment has left an unsightly discolouration.


The most important thing to remember is that stains are never permanent. Over time, often after a few weeks to months, the spots will disappear on their own. It is therefore better to leave stains on. Do not work with chemical products, such as thinner or chlorine. These products affect the quality of the TPE and can lead to color change


How to fade spots faster

Stains on the ‘skin’ of your sex doll, that’s the last thing you want. So the good news is that stains will go away on their own, although it can take a while. This depends on the depth of the stain, but also on the quality of the TPE. To speed up the process you can carefully try make-up remover or benzozyl peroxide gel (5% or higher).


Makeup remover

You can try to remove superficial stains with a waterproof make-up remover and a cotton pad. Perhaps unnecessarily, but always test the product in an invisible place. Also, always use a cotton pad to avoid great forces when removing stains, to prevent damage and scratches.


Benzozyl Peroxide Gel

If make-up remover doesn’t work, try benzozyl peroxide gel. Benzozyl peroxide gel is available at (online) drugstores and pharmacies, and is used in the treatment of acne.


-First clean the skin with water. Spread the gel thinly on the stains and discolorations.

-It is best not to let the product sit for longer than 30 minutes the first time.

-Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times if necessary.

-Treat afterwards with a damp cloth.

-After the treatment, we advise you to use some talcum powder (baby powder). This makes the TPE flexible and soft again.


Note: Always test the product on an invisible spot. There is a risk of bleaching and/or discoloration of the skin with some elastomers, especially in the area around the areolas.


Claudia - Most Realistic Love Doll

Claudia – Most Realistic Love Doll


Mineral oil or Vaseline

Although the results are variable, cleaning with Vaseline or mineral oil can also offer a good solution for (light) stains. Mineral oil thins surface stains, making them fade faster. Vaseline adds oil to the TPE, pulling the discolored one out of the ‘skin’. The advice is to let this set for a few minutes at most then dry off.


What you can do to prevent stains

Prevention is better than cure. Below we give you tips to protect your sex doll against discoloration:


When purchasing a new outfit, you can choose from different colors, from beige to black. Be careful with dark or red garments. If you want to avoid stains completely, you have a somewhat more limited choice when it comes to color use. Light colors, such as white or beige, are safest.

Washing clothes can help reduce dye release. It is best to wash new clothing(s) separately in the washing machine beforehand. After three washes, most fabrics no longer give off color. Some garments will always give off color, even if you have washed them several times.

Make sure that clothing is not too tight and never leave clothing (pieces) on your sex doll for too long. The chance of color transfer is greater when clothing is too tight or left on for too long.


Daphne - How to Clean a Sex Doll

Daphne – How to Clean a Sex Doll


Storage tips for your sex doll


It is important to store your sex doll safely after use. How do you store your sex doll? And what can you do if you have little storage space? In this article we give you creative storage tips.


General storage tips for your sex doll

It is better not to keep a sex doll sitting or upright, but hanging or lying down on the back. But more is needed to store your sex doll in a safe way.


Store your sex doll hanging or lying

Hanging storage is the best for any sex doll. Because the body is suspended freely and floating, you prevent possible deformations of the skin. A good alternative is to store your sex doll lying down. Storage horizontally is fine, just like hanging storage, but does require extra attention. When storing it horizontally for a long time, it is important to move your doll once in a while. This is to prevent pressure points and deformation of the skin. Do not place a sex doll directly on the floor, but use a pillow and/or soft blanket as a surface. Of course, a mattress or bed is also fine. Make sure you store your sex doll in as neutral a position as possible. The joints should not be bent or twisted.


Choose a safe, clean area away from direct sunlight

Always store a sex doll in a dry, well-ventilated area at room temperature. A clean room to prevent your sex doll from getting dusty and dirty. Make sure there are no sharp objects nearby that could damage your sex doll. It is important to never put your sex doll in a room where the sun shines directly. UV radiation is disastrous for the skin of your sex doll. Also, do not place your sex doll directly next to a heat source, such as a stove or heater. If your sex doll is in an area with a lot of direct sunlight, consider installing window treatments. You can also cover your sex doll with a soft blanket or use a garment cover. This protects your sex doll against dust, moisture and dirt at the same time.


Take off clothes before storing

To reduce the chance of stains and wear, it is a good idea to store your sex doll without clothing. If you store your sex doll without undressing it first, there is always a risk of stains. Dyes in textiles can release and absorb into the skin. This can lead to unsightly discolorations. And when clothing is very tight and/or has sharp edges, pressure points can easily arise.


Liliana - How to Clean a Sex Doll

Liliana – How to Clean a Sex Doll


This is how you store your sex doll discreetly


Hanging in a wardrobe

Hanging your sex doll is a good way if you have a high, empty (clothing) closet. To store your sex doll safely and discreetly, there are special storage hooks for sale. Hanging your sex doll protects your sex doll against damage during storage. Because the body is suspended freely and floating, deformation is prevented.


Lying under the bed

In addition to hanging storage, the space under the bed is also extremely suitable. Storage boxes and drawers are the solution for discreetly storing your sex doll. Your sex doll is out of sight and it saves a lot of space. This way of storage also protects your sex doll against dust, dirt and direct sunlight. Of course you can also build a closet yourself where your sex doll fits exactly. Put small wheels under it, slide it under the bed and your sex doll is out of sight. Last but not least: also consider storing your sex doll in the supplied cardboard box.


Macy - How to Clean a Sex Doll

Macy – How to Clean a Sex Doll


Lifting your sex doll, that’s how you do it!


Do you want to move your sex doll, but you are not that strong? No point! We are happy to give you some practical tips.


Moving and lifting a sex doll can be quite a challenge, even if you are fit and strong. Lifting a lifelike sex doll involves a lot of work. A lifelike sex doll has a life-size size and soon weighs more than 25 kilograms. This sometimes makes it difficult to move a sex doll. If you also lift incorrectly, there is a good chance that you will get serious complaints in your back, shoulders and knees.


Before moving or lifting your sex doll

It is not wise to move your sex doll somewhat hastily and without proper preparation. Your own safety and health is the most important and therefore your first concern.


When moving and lifting your sex doll, keep the following in mind:


-If you have a weak back or little muscle strength, lift the sex doll together with someone else or use a lifting aid;

-Avoid turning your back when picking up and putting down the sex doll, so stand straight in front of the sex doll;

-Take enough breaks to prevent fatigue, listen to your body and don’t force anything when you have complaints;

-Check that your environment is clear of obstacles. This will prevent you from slipping and/or injuring yourself. Push furniture aside and clean up clutter and sharp objects;

-Protect your sex doll while moving. You can use bubble wrap for this. A white (fleece) blanket also provides protection.


Noa - Most Realistic Love Doll

Noa – Most Realistic Love Doll


Moving your sex doll

Moving and lifting a sex doll with a second person is a piece of cake. In most cases you do this alone and that requires a slightly different approach.


For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that your sex doll weighs more than 25 kilograms. The fact that you are able to lift this weight independently does not of course mean that you have to do this without any aids. Lifting aids make moving a sex doll less stressful, easier and safer.


Examples of tools to move a sex doll:


-The use of a transfer belt equipped with ergonomically arranged handles that allow a safe and comfortable grip;

-There are transfer boards (sliding boards) that are suitable for horizontal movements of a sex doll. Sliding sheets or sliding sails are also extremely suitable;

-A furniture roller or transport cart offers a solution when moving a sex doll. These moving aids are suitable for carrying a lot of weight.


Lifting your sex doll

It becomes a different story when you want to lift a sex doll on the bed. Or worse; when you want to lift a sex doll to another floor. In this case, a stair trolley is not an unnecessary luxury. With a stair trolley you can have your sex doll up or down without it taking a lot of effort.

There are also lifting aids for sale that help caregivers lift patients up or down. A lift mat or lifting platform offers an ideal solution if you want to bridge a difference in height.


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