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How Much is a Sexdoll? Choose Silicone or TPE Life Like Love Dolls?


So how much is a sexdoll? Does the material of a sex doll matter? A good question because life like love dolls are made from different materials. The question of whether to choose a silicone love doll or a TPE love doll is one of the most frequently asked questions from customers. On this page you will find information about the material, what our dolls are made of and what you can do with them. Information about the skin, the skeleton, the details (face, limbs, etc…) and the various customization options.


If you want to buy a sex doll, it doesn’t hurt to learn about both materials before making a purchase decision. Each material has its own characteristics, both in terms of degree of realism and maintenance. Below is a brief overview of everything useful to know about these materials.


Nancy - Fantasy Sex Doll

Nancy – Fantasy Sex Doll


Silicone and TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer) are two good materials for quality life like love dolls, but they both have pro’s and con’s. In recent years, sex doll manufacturers and designers have experimented a lot with different materials with the aim of creating as realistic a design as possible and offering a wide variety of possible configuration options. For a long time, silicone was considered the material for making life like love dolls, thanks in part to its level of realism and ease of maintenance.


A disadvantage is that the production process of a silicone love doll is very expensive. Silicone is a thermoset material, which means that once the material has cured it is firm and cannot be machined. So how much is a sexdoll made of Silicone? Approximately $6000,- for a good sex doll. Reason enough for sex doll manufacturers to experiment with new and/or materials other than silicone, without compromising on the level of realism, quality, durability and ease of use. TPE emerged as a reliable replacement for silicone, thanks to its realistic texture and human feel.


Noa - Teen Sex Dolls

Noa – Teen Sex Dolls


Table of contents:


-What is TPE and Silicone?

-Silicone or TPE: How much is a sexdoll?

-Pro’s and Con’s

-TPE Doll advantages over Silicone Life like love dolls

-The Skeleton Details


What is TPE and Silicone?


What is Silicone?

Silicone is a popular material for making life like love dolls. It is a heat-resistant and non-porous material, so silicone requires little maintenance. Silicone dolls also have some drawbacks. Silicone is a very firm material, which means it has a lower degree of flexibility and softness. This makes the ‘skin’ of a silicone love doll feel less realistic. Silicone is also a very expensive material. This can quickly add up to the price of a good silicone doll.


What is TPE?

TPE is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Elastomer. As mentioned, you can compare TPE with silicone, but TPE has 1 big advantage, it is much cheaper to purchase. And cheap in this case certainly does not mean expensive. In fact, TPE has many advantages over silicone. And many manufacturers of life like love dolls have cleverly responded to this. So how much is a sexdoll made with TPE material? With TPE it is possible to realize a sex doll that IS affordable. It even quickly saves several thousand euros if you compare TPE dolls with silicone dolls from, for example, manufacturer Realdolls. Pay attention to the difference between normal TPE and Premium TPE.


TPE is an affordable alternative to silicone and is characterized by a high degree of realism. It is a fairly new material that has both plastic and rubber properties. TPE is easily machined and can be produced efficiently, allowing for a wide range of possible options. The material is also hypoallergenic and is produced without plasticizers.


Ayla - How much is a sexdoll?

Ayla – How much is a sexdoll?


Silicone or TPE: how much is a sexdoll?


Not sure yet whether you want to go for a silicone love doll or a TPE love doll? No worries! We are happy to help you with the following questions:


-How much time do you want to spend maintaining your sex doll?

-How important is the appearance of your sex doll to you?

-How important do you think the sense of realism of a sex doll is?

-Silicone love doll or TPE? Life like love dolls can be made of both silicone and TPE. Below is an overview of some of the differences between these two materials:


  1. The costs (how much is a sexdoll)

If you are looking for an affordable sex doll, TPE is the material of choice. TPE is easily machined, allowing for a variety of options. A price for a TPE love doll is usually much lower than that of a silicone love doll. This does not mean that a TPE love doll is of lower quality. Like silicone life like love dolls, TPE life like love dolls come in different quality classes. We recommend that you choose a sex doll made of high-quality TPE, which can take a beating.


  1. The maintenance

A silicone love doll requires little maintenance. A silicone love doll is not porous, making it easy to disinfect. Silicone is also resistant to moisture and will not fade quickly. A TPE love doll is more porous compared to a silicone love doll. And therefore is more sensitive to stains from dark/brightly colored textiles. As a result, you will have to maintain a TPE love doll regularly to prevent wear and discoloration. A TPE love doll is also less easy to clean.


  1. Degree of Realism

Life like love dolls made of both silicone and TPE are characterized by a high degree of realism. It’s hard to say which of the two is more realistic.


Priscilla - How Much is a Sexdoll

Priscilla – How Much is a Sexdoll


Pro’s and Con’s


Advantages of TPE Real Dolls:

Realistic appearance – TPE material offers a highly realistic appearance to these dolls. Due to its elastic nature these dolls can be formed in various body postures with ease.

Texture – Compared to silicone love dolls, TPE love dolls offer a softer realistic texture. The material’s malleability enhances the realistic body features.

Affordable – TPE love dolls are more budget-friendly than silicone alternatives.

Warming – TPE material easily retains body heat, giving it a more natural feel compared to silicone.

Eco-Friendly – TPE is a recyclable material, making it a more sustainable option.


Cons of TPE Real Dolls:

Porosity – TPE is more porous than silicone, making it harder to clean and maintain.

Quality Variation – There can be significant differences in quality among TPE love dolls, which varies on the manufacturer.


Advantages of Silicone love dolls:

Low Maintenance – Silicone love dolls are resistant to a range of environmental factors such as moisture and sunlight and temperature fluctuations, requiring less maintenance compared to TPE dolls.

Easy to Clean – The non-porous nature of silicone makes it simpler to clean and maintain.


Cons of Silicone love dolls:

Cost – Silicone love dolls are significantly more expensive than TPE alternatives. Be cautious of relatively cheap offers, as they may be inflatable dolls with a silicone coating. It’s important to note that some webshops may mislabel TPE dolls as silicone dolls, as they are different materials.

Fragile – Silicone dolls can be more easily damaged, particularly in sensitive areas, especially the orfices (vagina etc). This is due to silicone’s lower elasticity compared to TPE.

Less Realistic – Silicone dolls may feel stiffer and less lifelike compared to TPE dolls, with non-moving breasts for example.


Christy - How much is a sexdoll?

Christy – How much is a sexdoll?


TPE Doll advantages over Silicone Life like love dolls


The sex doll industry is evolving at a rapid pace and lifelike dolls are now the benchmark. There are also many different manufacturers these days that make realistic life like love dolls. Where not so long ago you had to pay 5,000 to 6,000 euros for a realistic sex doll, nowadays you have various alternatives for a much cheaper price that, however, are little or nothing inferior in quality to the very expensive life like love dolls. Such as our Tebux dolls, which we sell and which has an excellent price/quality ratio.


One of the most important aspects of a sex doll is the material it is made of; after all, this largely determines the appearance, feel and durability of the doll.


The dolls from the high-quality segment are made of silicone or TPE. Tebux quality life like love dolls are made of patented TPE material.


TPE is a silicone-like material that has been on the rise in the sex doll industry in recent years to replace the (way too) expensive silicone. Advantages of Premium TPE:



-As good as odorless

-Strong and flexible

-Friendly to the environment

-Takes your own body temperature quickly

-Softer and therefore more realistic than silicone

-Does not feel sticky

-Damages less quickly than silicone

-Very realistic and better positioning than silicone



Taylor - How Much is a Sexdoll

Taylor – How Much is a Sexdoll


By heating TPE, it can easily be pressed into a certain shape (for example from a very nice sex doll) and after cooling the material will keep the shape it has obtained. While chemical cross-links are formed with other materials (such as rubber) during this process, this is not the case with TPE, which has made TPE a very popular material in the manufacturing industry. In recent years, increased environmental friendliness and sustainability have also played an increasingly important role compared to other types of materials.


A point of attention for the use of TPE for making life like love dolls is the sensitivity to heat and stains. TPE can take over a colour, so it is not recommended to dress the doll with a new, unwashed, colored lingerie set, for example. Before putting on the doll a colored set, it is therefore wise to wash the lingerie a few times until it no longer gives off any color. This also applies to colored sheets, blankets and clothing in general.


All in all, the use of TPE in the sex doll industry has revolutionized it. Not only have realistic life like love dolls become a lot more affordable as a result, but there is no other material that feels as skin-like as TPE. In addition, TPE is a safe and strong material, which also lasts longer if you treat your sex doll properly.


Partly due to the much better price / quality ratio and the other properties mentioned in this blog, we have a strong preference for TPE over silicone.


Soph-e - How much is a sexdoll?

Sophie – How much is a sexdoll?


The Skeleton Details


Each love doll contains a skeleton with many different joints. Think of shoulder joints, thigh joints and arm joints. Because of all these joints, the doll can be placed in almost any position imaginable. Just about any Kamasutra position is possible, but also a sitting position, standing position (if you have standing feet option) or bending position. For example, let her join you at the table, keep you company on the couch or make love in the shower (the doll is waterproof). The doll can make almost any movement that a human can make!


All love dolls on our website use the same skeleton. We see that the skeleton of this type of doll has developed considerably. The skeletons are made of stainless steel   and contain hinges of good quality. Stainless steel ensures that the skeletons are sturdy but also compact.


Why aren’t the skeletons made of aluminum?


That is a question we get regularly. Aluminum is lighter but also has disadvantages. Firstly, this material is a lot more expensive, but the main reason is that stainless steel is much stronger and therefore less vulnerable to defects. If you still want an aluminum skeleton, you need 50% more material to make it just as strong, and then you end up with the same weight! So no more benefits.


What does a skeleton weigh?


An average skeleton weighs between 3 and 4 kg while a doll is between 25 and 40 kg. A small amount of weight savings on the skeleton often does not outweigh the additional cost of a more expensive material.


Helen - How much is a sexdoll?

Helen – How much is a sexdoll?


Customization options

With our dolls you can choose various customization options to realize the doll of your dreams. Customization options are:


-Hair colour

-Hair length

-Eye colour

-Fingernail type

-Areola colour

-Labia colour

-Toenail colour

-Skin color

-Pubic hair or not

-Standing option or not (so that the doll can stand upright)

-Removable vagina or not

-Inner heating or USB heater (free)


Nb. The above customization options are possible with all our dolls


At Tebux we only focus on TPE Dolls, but if you are looking for a silicone doll. You can always contact us to steer you in the right direction.



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