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6 TPE Love Doll Tips – Love Dolls Life Size Maintenance

  In this article we give advice on maintaining your TPE Love Doll, and what you can do to keep your TPE love doll in good condition. Wear and tear on your  sex doll after years of intensive use is quite normal, but the chance of wear and tear is a lot smaller if you […]

Custom Sex Doll Specialist & Best Sex Doll Company Advice

  You want to buy a custom sex doll. Always buy your custom sex doll at an official point of sale. This way you can avoid a lot of trouble. You can read more about it in this blog.   It is wise to buy a custom sex doll from a (web) retailer that specializes […]

How Much is a Sexdoll? Choose Silicone or TPE Life Like Love Dolls?

  So how much is a sexdoll? Does the material of a sex doll matter? A good question because life like love dolls are made from different materials. The question of whether to choose a silicone love doll or a TPE love doll is one of the most frequently asked questions from customers. On this […]

How to Clean a Sex Doll for the Most Realistic Love Doll

  A sex doll (or love doll) comes with a hefty price tag. That is why you naturally want to enjoy your sex doll for as long as possible. Good maintenance contributes to this. How do you maintain your sex doll? And how to clean a sex doll? If you regularly make love with your […]

Sex Doll Cost Explained – Buyer Tips on a Full Body Sex Doll

  Full body Sex dolls are getting more popular by the day. But this popularity also has its downside. For example, popularity goes hand in hand with scams and cybercrime. This can mean two things: you will never receive the doll or you will receive a copy. How do you avoid buying a fake sex […]

Sex Doll Head & Sex Doll Clothes Tips

  It is not always easy, choosing sex doll clothes. Shoes that are just a little too tight, too little stretch, but also: the leaving behind unsightly stains due to dark clothing. With these 3 fashion tips you dress your sex doll hip and seductive.     Table of contents   – Intro – Sex […]

Sex Doll Review – Difference in Full Size Love Dolls, Realdolls and Sex Dolls

  A sex doll, love doll, real doll, what exactly is the difference? You can read it in this sex doll review. A sex doll is a broad concept. It is a doll that is used for having sex. In addition to the classic inflatable doll, this also includes the real doll or love doll. […]

Sexy Doll Price Details And Customisation Options

  In this article we go through some different options you can choose from when customizing your love doll. What are the pro’s and con’s of a built-in or removable vagina and are standing feet worth the extra cost of your sexy doll price? We also go through built-in heating and a external heating source. […]

Who Invented The Sex Doll – Evolution to a Fullbody Love Doll

  Sex dolls have caused quite a stir in the sex toy industry over the past decade. They have become extremely popular, especially among men, and the sales of these sex dolls have increased rapidly. Before we get into the historical origins of the sexual dolls, let’s first explain what they really are and what […]