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6 TPE Love Doll Tips – Love Dolls Life Size Maintenance


In this article we give advice on maintaining your TPE Love Doll, and what you can do to keep your TPE love doll in good condition. Wear and tear on your  sex doll after years of intensive use is quite normal, but the chance of wear and tear is a lot smaller if you follow some care instructions.

A  sex doll is quite an investment. Fortunately, most models last for years with good maintenance. Love dolls life size are realistic, life-like figurines often used for sexual pleasure.


Love dolls life size often have moveable joints for a more lifelike experience. In particular, the elastomer, the genitals and the internal metal skeleton have a hefty price tag when replaced. The parts of a TPE love doll are made in such a way that they last for years, if you maintain your doll well. Certainly the elastomer retains its quality, flexibility and softness through the right skin care.


Table of contents:

  • Intro
  • Sex with your TPE love doll
  • Cleaning your TPE love doll
  • Storing your TPE love doll
  • Dress up your TPE love doll
  • Make up your TPE love doll
  • This is how you maintain your TPE love doll’s wig:


Deborah - Petite Sex Doll

Deborah – Petite Sex Doll


Sex with your  TPE love doll


Always use water-based lubricant

A TPE love doll does not become moist on its own. That is why it is important to always use a little water-based lubricant during sex. A little lubricant prevents damage to your  sex doll, but also ensures a more natural sexual experience. In addition, a little lubricant reduces stiffness during sexual acts, which is very pleasant during sex.


Note: Never use a silicone or oil based lubricant. This can permanently damage your TPE love doll.


Handle your Love dolls life size with care

What positions can you put your  sex doll in? What is the best way to move your TPE love doll? We summarize the most important things for you. In this article you can read more about the range of motion of the skeleton.


With a new  sex doll, the joints may be a bit stiff at first. The joints become more flexible over time, making it easier to bend the joints. Bending the joints too violently is not good: this causes damage to the skeleton and wear of the joints.


Beatrice - Love Dolls Life Size

Beatrice – Love Dolls Life Size


You can put your TPE love doll in any position you want. This is best done by first bending the limbs back into the position that your  sex doll came out of the box, before bending it into the desired position. Do not put too much force on the joints of the TPE love doll.


It is important to move your  sex doll carefully. Avoid dropping your TPE love doll and/or pushing her against hard/sharp objects. This can lead to damage to the skeleton and skin. Also be aware that clothing, furniture and bedding can stain.


Remember, never rest your entire weight on the hands and wrists of your  sex doll. These are not designed to support so much weight that they could break or be damaged. If you want to take your sex doll doggy style, you can place a pillow or other soft object under your TPE love doll for support.


Nancy - Love Dolls Life Size

Nancy – Love Dolls Life Size


Cleaning your  TPE love doll


Clean the intimate parts (vagina, anus and mouth) after each use

The inside of the intimate areas of a TPE love doll do not clean themselves. That is why it is important to clean the intimate parts (vagina, anus and mouth) well after every use, even if a condom is used. Cleaning the intimate parts of your  sex doll prevents bacterial and fungal growth, but also ensures that your TPE love doll stays in good condition for longer.


Do you have a  sex doll with a fixed vagina? A fixed (= built-in) vagina can be cleaned by rinsing it with a vaginal douche for more thorough cleaning.


Do you have a TPE love doll with a removable vagina? With a removable vagina, you first remove the vaginal tube from your  sex doll. Then you clean it in a solution of lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial soap.


Make sure that you dry the intimate areas well after cleaning. Do this preferably by dabbing with a soft, absorbent microfibre cloth. Do not use heat sources such as a hair dryer as this can damage your doll.


Camille - Love Dolls Life Size

Camille – Love Dolls Life Size


Clean the body approximately once a month

Cleaning the body of your TPE love doll is important for your own hygiene, but also ensures that your  sex doll remains in good condition. You can easily clean the body of your TPE love doll yourself. Make sure you clean your  sex doll regularly, even if you are not using the TPE love doll. It is easiest to clean the body, head and wig of your  sex doll separately from each other.


Use only mild products for cleaning. A good rule of thumb is products that are suitable for sensitive skin. Make a solution of lukewarm water and a mild shower gel. Use a microfiber cloth or soft washcloth to gently clean the body. Always do this with caution: scrubbing too hard is not good and will wear out your TPE love doll. Also dry the body of your love dolls life size well after cleaning, especially skin folds such as under the breasts.


Note: Do not use aggressive cleaning products such as alcohol, disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, chlorine and other household cleaning products.


Estella - Love Dolls Life Size

Estella – Love Dolls Life Size


Use baby powder/talcum powder after cleaning your  sex doll

Powdering your TPE love doll is an essential final step in your  sex doll cleaning process. The powder refreshes your TPE love doll and helps prevent minor damage.


Baby powder makes the skin of your  sex doll soft and smooth again, but also provides a pleasant smell. The easiest way to apply this is with a make-up brush. You can also pour some powder into your palms and apply it directly to the body of your TPE love doll.


Metal neck part


Take a relaxing bath with your  sex doll. But keep in mind that the neck area does not come into contact with water. In many cases this does not happen, especially when you cover the neck area with a plastic bag. If you take it less closely and the neck part does come into contact with water, the metal pin between the torso and the head can rust.


In the best case scenario, you can solve the problem with a rust remover. But it is often more serious. Then the head or the trunk must be replaced in its entirety. Always protect the metal neck part from water. This prevents rusting and saves you a lot of trouble.


The head of your sex doll is connected to the torso via a metal pin. Also make sure that the water is not warmer than 40°C. Too high a temperature of the water is bad for the TPE, which increases the chance of wear. In addition, showering or bathing too hot can lead to loosening of the fake nails and/or eyelashes.




Each love dolls life size has a vagina, anus and mouth. The vagina has a pleasant structure, but does not become moist by itself, as with a real woman. This also applies to the mouth and anus. The vagina, anus and mouth can break when penetrating without lubricant. The advantage of a removable vagina is that it can be replaced in case of damage, but the sex is a lot less tasty and realistic. In addition, changing the sleeve can contribute to aging of the elastomer.


Kristina - Love Dolls Life Size

Kristina – Love Dolls Life Size




Speaking of the thermoplastic elastomer: the ‘skin’ of your TPE love doll can wear out due to quite a few external factors. Mainly as a result of the action of chemicals, UV light or extreme heat.


The elastomer can also discolour under the influence of dyes. That in itself does not have to be a problem because they often go away on their own. Stains can also be removed with benzoyl peroxide.


Keys, nail clippers, scissors: preferably do not put them near your  sex doll. Sharp objects can damage the ‘skin’ of your TPE love doll.


Minor damage such as cracks and stains are often easy to fix with a simple repair. In case of damage to the elastomer, please contact our customer service. We are happy to give you tips and advice to solve the problem.


To keep the elastomer in good condition, cleaning and caring for your  sex doll is a must.


Feet options

If you want to put a love dolls life size upright, it is important that the foot has a standing function. A standing foot is provided with extra reinforcement, so that you can put your doll upright without any problems. The other, the standard foot, is more aesthetically pleasing but won’t support the weight of your doll. A TPE love doll with a standard foot can break when put on right, even if this is only once.


Mackenzie - Love Dolls Life Size

Mackenzie – Love Dolls Life Size


Storing your TPE love doll


What is the best way to store a  sex doll? Keep in mind that this depends on how often you use your TPE love doll. Do you use your  sex doll daily and is it not necessary to hide your TPE love doll from roommates? Then you can just leave the  sex doll on the bed or in another place where your TPE love doll can lie. Always lay her on her back (not on her stomach!). Use a soft mattress or pillow for support. Always try to distribute the pressure evenly to avoid deformation of the TPE.


If you have little privacy and you would like to hide your doll from roommates, you can also store your  sex doll in the supplied cardboard box. Moreover, it is possible to order special storage boxes, in which you can discreetly store your TPE love doll and which at the same time also look very nice in your (bedroom) room.


Keep in mind that the bedding you put your  sex doll on is clean and wrinkle-free. Also be careful with furniture. Dyed fabrics can stain very easily. When in doubt, always use the blanket that came with your TPE love doll.


Whether you put your  sex doll down or hang it up, always store her without clothes. Garments can rub off on your TPE love doll and tight-fitting clothes can cause stretch marks/wrinkles.

A good rule of thumb is to store her in the same position the  sex doll came out of the box, with her legs straight and arms loose at the sides. The skin of your TPE love doll should not remain tense. Always put her on her back (not on the stomach!).


Be careful with sharp objects that can damage your  sex doll. For example, think of a bunch of keys, bracelets, stiff clothing or sharp edges of furniture. Pets can also damage the love dolls life size with their sharp nails. Always store your TPE love doll in a dry room at room temperature. Avoid exposure to moisture and direct sunight.


Rachel - Love Dolls Life Size

Rachel – Love Dolls Life Size


Dress up your  sex doll


How are you going to dress up your TPE love doll? What should you keep in mind when buying clothes? You can basically dress your  sex doll to your liking, but there are a few things to keep in mind.


Recommended clothes for your TPE love doll:

-Stretch materials such as nylon

-Loose-fitting clothing such as kimonos

-Synthetic materials or silk

-Lace fabrics (preferably white)

-Avoid dark or brightly colored textiles


Savanna - Love Dolls Life Size

Savanna – Love Dolls Life Size


Keep in mind that clothing can stain your  sex doll. Therefore, be extra careful with clothing in dark or bright colors. It is often thought that only cheap clothes give off, but more expensive clothes can also give off. The reason clothes can bleed has to do with the paint used to give the clothes the right color. Denim fabric in particular is notorious for causing stains. Always wash clothes several times before use. Even after washing, there is always a risk that clothing will stain.


Do you want to prevent this? Always test in an invisible place to ensure that clothing does not rub off. You can also use a test piece of TPE for this. It is better to be cautious, and to put on your TPE love doll only light clothes. Do you still want to put on your  sex doll a dark piece of clothing? Then we recommend that you always put something under your clothing, such as skin-colored tights.


Make sure clothes are not too tight

We are regularly asked what size a TPE love doll has. This is size S/XS on most love dolls. The best part is that clothing is fitted, i.e. not too loose and not too tight. If clothes are too tight on your  sex doll, there is a chance that your doll will wear out. Therefore, keep in mind that clothing is not too tight. Check that tight straps of clothing do not leave marks/wrinkles on the skin of your TPE love doll.


Do you still want to put on your  sex doll close-fitting clothes? For example, a tight dress or beautiful lingerie set? Always choose clothing made of stretch fabric. Clothing made of stretch fabric fits nicely and smoothly along the body of your love dolls life size, but prevents damage to the TPE. Garments with a zipper or laces are also a good option. Please note that clothing does not contain sharp parts that can cause damage to your TPE love doll.


Simone - Love Dolls Life Size

Simone – Love Dolls Life Size


Make up your  sex doll


Our TPE love dolls come standard with semi-permanent make-up. Do you want to make up your  sex doll with your own make-up? For example, because you would like to darken the eye make-up of your TPE love doll or because you actually like a different color of lipstick? Then this is very possible. A nice feature of TPE is that they tolerate makeup well. When you apply makeup to your  sex doll, it penetrates the first layer of the TPE. The make-up you have applied usually lasts for months.


It is also possible to spray a small amount of perfume on your TPE love doll.

Use your favorite scent to give your  sex doll a pleasant scent. Always spray perfume on an invisible spot first to test whether it leaves any stains on the TPE. Or to be on the side of caution and spray the perfume only on your TPE love doll’s clothes.


Wig maintenance

Your  sex doll’s hair needs care just like a real woman. That is why it is very important to maintain the wig properly. A well-maintained wig stays in better condition and lasts longer. We tell you what to do.


Virginia- Love Dolls Life Size

Virginia- Love Dolls Life Size


This is how you maintain your TPE love doll wig


-Keep hair tangle-free with a brush or comb. Does the hair have a lot of tangles? Then use a leave-in conditioner to detangle the hair.

-Always remove the wig from the head of your TPE love doll before washing. Use a mild shampoo before washing. Always rinse the wig well with water after washing.

-Always use a conditioner after shampooing. This ensures that the hair becomes tangle-free. In addition, this extends the life of the wig.

-Have you washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner? Then let your  sex doll’s wig dry on a wig stand. If you don’t have a wig stand, you can also let the wig dry at the shower or bath tub.

-When your TPE love doll’s hair is dry, you can gently brush and/or comb it. Start at the ends first and then work your way up to the separation.

-Do not use a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron to model the wig.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you found this information helpful and informative. If you’re interested in learning more about love dolls. Be sure to check out these articles:


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